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Dec 11, 2008 09:00 AM

Catalan food in LA, anywhere?

ok, so while living in nyc i got to be friends with Wiley and the guys at WD50, who occasionally host chefs from El Bulli and would cook Catalan classics for us.
reading Coleman Andrew's "Catalan Cuisine" and the Ortega's "1080 Recipes" just made it worse for me, i'm now completely obsessed with Catalan food!
1. are there any worthwhile Spanish (or even better Catalan) restaurants in the city? i'll drive some ways from the westside for something amazing.
2. sources for ingredients and cookware, specifically a cassola? i've heard whispers that there is a retail outpost of the La Espanola company somewhere, is that the only (and best) place?
much thanks as i'm driving the SO crazy!

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    1. re: RicRios

      thanks! it seems like a good start, save that my Catalan skills are more tragic than my Spanish...

      1. re: jdwdeville

        Estic segur que serà capaç de comprendre !

        1. re: RicRios

          aww, now you're just rubbing it in!

        2. re: jdwdeville

          I've heard good things about Black Sheep Bistro (although I haven't been there), they specialize in la cuina catalana d'Espanya i França.

          Bona sort i bon profit!

          303 El Camino Real
          Tustin, CA 92780
          Tel: 714-544-6060

          1. re: Mr. Roboto

            i like that they charge you $10 for using your cell phone in the dining room!

            1. re: Mr. Roboto

              BSB - L.A.' s Only (?) self described "Catalan" restaurant with their own market next door.

              The Outpost you're looking for is in Harbor City:


        3. Aquí a Fullerton hi ha una sucursal de l'empresa barcelonina Lizzarán, quina té unas cinquanta de sucursals en Catalunya. It's not the best branch of the chain, but the food is reasonably good, the pintxos are quite tasty, and the estofats (stews) are very good.

          (And, incidentally, why do so many of us speak Catalan???)

          Lizarran Tapas Restaurant
          310 N Harbor Blvd, Fullerton, CA 92832

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          1. re: Das Ubergeek

            Pintxos are actually Basque. Although available there, Catalunya is not really known for its tapas, which are more of a central-southern (Castile/Andaluz) specialty

            1. re: Ernie

              That doesn't stop absolutely every bar in Catalunya from having pintxos. While they're Basque -- you are right -- they're such a part of the Barcelona pre-dinner drinks scene that it would seem unnatural not to have them at a bar purporting to be Catalan.