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Good zucchini bread?

Where can I get good zucchini bread?

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  1. I know that chains are not considerably "cool" on CH, but I do enjoy the zucchini bread at Mimi's Cafe.

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      I second that. Their blueberry muffins are also heavenly...I go there just for those.

    2. Green St. Restaurant in Pasadena.

      You can even order it online: http://www.greenstreetrestaurant.com/...

      Green Street Restaurant
      146 S Shopper's Lane, Pasadena, CA 91101

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        Ditto this.

        The Zucchini bread goes really well with the corn chowder.

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          Third. Also. the Dianne salad is great and it comes with some of that zucchini bread on the side and that's a good way to sample the bread. The bread is sold at the door and it comes in a nice package that makes it a great gift when visiting friends or setting on the table.

      2. Stay away from the stuff they sell from a truck at the Santa Monica Farmer's Market. Dry and unappetizing...

        1. Another vote for Green Street. Also their Diane Salad dressing is delicious.

          1. Ditto on Green St Restaurant.

            1. Nothing much else there is much worth eating, but the zucchini bread at Coogie's in Santa Monica is delicious.

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                i forget, but is zucchini bread supposed to be sweet, kind of like banana bread?

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                  I completely forgot about the zucchini bread at Coogies -- good call! You can buy it by the loaf by the register.

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                    is it sweetened or what/ thanks.

                    1. re: kevin

                      Coogie's is sweetened -- basically banana bread with zucchinis.

                2. la brea bakery

                  king's road cafe

                  katella deli in los alamitos

                  1. MILK on Beverly in West Hollywood.

                    When you step in to get your bread, you will inevitably want to order more items. I wholeheartedly encourage this impulse as I find their pastries and baked goods to be fantastic. If I lived within walking distance to this place I'd probably be a diabetic by now.

                    PS. Their Vanilla ice cream for the win.