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Dec 11, 2008 08:44 AM

Restaurants in Humble, TX

I will be in Humble this weekend visiting newly transferred family. They have no ideas of where to eat since they are so new to the area. Is there a type of cuisine that is specific to the area besides seafood (I live on the Gulf and have plenty of that here). TIA for any suggestions.

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  1. Some of my favorites in the nearby vicinity:

    Tin Roof for BBQ (Closed on Sunday) Stuffed baked potatoes are my favorite
    Chez Nous for French (It has received many awards but not in my daily budget)
    Chimichurri's (in Kingwood but not too far of a drive if 1960 to W Lake Houston Parkway is taken)
    Rancho Grande - Mexican
    Fiesta Azteca - Mexican
    Italiano's - Italian (It is a little tricky to get there the first time but the garlic knots will make it worth the trouble)
    Bill's Cafe for a good burger. Don't go here to impress anyone with the environment or speedy service. Very much a beer joint with great burgers if you have the time to wait.

    If you need some more suggestions, just let me know. Hopefully, I will see in time for your trip but could also have you relay some info to them for a later date. I tried not to post the big chains. A few of the restaurants have multiple locations but not part of the big mega chain restaurants.

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      Please keep em' coming. I just moved to Humble on Friday. I need all the recs I can get. Any decent Thai in the area?

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        Yes, there is wonderful Thai in the Humble/Atascocita area. Go to Nara Thai at 18845 West Lake Houston, just south of FM 1960 E. It is delicious and the atmosphere is great. Beautiful art work, music and quiet environment to enjoy a meal. The owners are very nice and accomodating. Everything I have sampled there is good. Enjoy.

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          For Thai, I like Sushi Hana in Kingwood's Town Center. The restaurant has a mix of sushi and Thai. It is a very small restaurant, so you may not want to go at the busiest of times.

          Texas Sushi Hana
          9 N Main St, Kingwood, TX 77339

      2. High end Chez Nous is it!
        Mod high Raffa's
        Mod High Amadeus