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Dec 11, 2008 08:36 AM

Vegan tacos

Last night I did sauteed button mushrooms, minced onion, and some habanero salsa. In a piping hot corn tortilla of course. I did beet greens and the same habanero salsa earlier in the week. It was good too. I've done Bittman's nopal and potato & rajas in the past. Also good. Any other suggestions? I have some TVP that I bought at my local mexican grocery store, but I haven't seen it in mexican cuisine yet.

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  1. roasted sweet potatoes and onions plus salsa verde

    1. i fry up tofu with cayenne and a HEALTHY amount of cumin, once it starts to brown i throw in some salsa and frozen corn and serve in hot corn tortillas - makes for a really fast and easy weeknight meal

      1. pan-fried crumbled soy chorizo, fresh chopped parsley & cilantro, black beans and a squeeze of fresh lime juice

        1. My absolute favourite taco is a soft corn tortilla filled with guacamole (no tomatoes, but much onion and lemon juice), shredded lettuce, tomato slices, and grated Monterey Jack cheese (can use vegan).

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            I do something like that as well (except no cheese).

            You can also freeze tofu and defrost it so that it becomes similar to the texture of ground beef. Cook that, season it and serve it in a soft corn tortilla with various stuff.

            And I think tempeh can also work as a taco filling.

            If you want to stay Mexican, huitlacoche with squash blossoms would be a good filling.

          2. Chayote or zucchini or broccoli with black beans and guacamole, sweet potatoes and black beans with guacamole