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Dec 11, 2008 08:23 AM

Dining in Banff

I am going to stay at the Fairmont Banff Springs for a week over New Years. My boyfriend and I are currently trying to figure out restaurants and I was hoping for some advice in narrowing down our options.

We are looking for two different types of dining; fine dining and casual hole in the walls sort of thing- pub like. I am more focused on figuring out which fine dining spots we should check out. My boyfriend really likes game food and so we definitely want restaurants with that on the menu. Here are the restaurants we are considering: Banffshire Club, Fuze Dining, Post Hotel, Bison Mountain Bistro, Sleeping Buffalo and Maple Leaf. These are the ones I have come across thus far, but am definitely open to any suggestions!

Any other secrets about the area would be great as well!


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  1. sarabara1983:

    The only one of the group that I have eaten at relatively recently is Fuze. I thoroughly enjoyed my New York steak which was spiced with Indian spices rather than the customary black or green peppercorns.

    I dropped into the lounge at the Maple Leaf because it was too early for their dining room and had some nice wine and perused their menu. A lot of Canadian and regional options in both categories.

    Have not been to but have heard very good things about the Bison Mountain Bistro and also about the food available in their General Store.

    If your SO enjoys game, Buffalo Mountain Lodge just out of the town centre on Tunnel Mountain is very good. I think it may be owned ... or at least was the same folks involved with The Ranch, Divino Wine & Cheese and Cilantro in Calgary ...who are involved in game ranching.

    I have not stayed at the Banff Springs so cannot comment on the Banffshire Club. Depends I think on who you speak to.

    If you do not mind taking the drive up to Lake Louise, The Post has been and remains outstanding. The drive is beautiful but unless you are staying overnite...enjoying oneself and in particular the vino does lend itself for a safe drive back to Banff.

    The venerable La Beaujolais used to be very good. I only use the term, "used to be" because I have not been in quite a number of years. We tend to go to Jasper more often than Banff.

    Giorgio's was a spot for good pasta. Ticino has been around forever with its take on Swiss fare. The Balkan was good for its more affordable Greek and similar food. Fondue is featured at the Grizzly House. Most of these are either directly on or just off Banff Ave.

    Eden at the Rimrock Hotel has a very good reputation. It is up the road toward the hot springs.

    Enjoy your trip and visit. New Years in Banff sounds terrific.

    If you repost your quaere at the Western Canadian board you will get a lot of suggestions and recommendations from Calgarians who head up to Banff much more often than I do.

    Enjoy your visit

    1. Hole in the wall is Barpa Bills Banff shire club is nothing special but the buffet is amazing just its the same food El Toro's Silver Dragon for chinese go there all the time. Tony |Romas Tommy's Pub best food in Banff and The Greek Restaraunt above it is good too.