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Dec 11, 2008 07:52 AM

Road trip from San Diego to Tucson

Anything good at ALL along Hwy 8? or nearby that we should deviate from our route?

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  1. Yuma is your best bet. There are postings on the Southwest board.

    1. I'd buy some good food in SD and snack along the way. While there are surely some good restaurants in Yuma, I believe they are not located close to I-8 and, given the total driving time (7 hours, plus or minus), I find myself disinterested in spending much time looking for the best that Yuma has to offer. But for Yuma, there's nothing!

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        The best Mexican close to the 8 in Yuma is Tacos Mi Rancho. Take the 4th Ave exit into Yuma and the restaurant will be on the right side of the road about 2 blocks into town, so very close to the freeway. It's small, but good.

        For authentic Yuman fast food, drive a little further into town from the same exit and stop at Mr G's (it'll be on the left). Old school Yuma native Mexican American food. Great flour tortillas. I like the green chile or the bean/cheese burritos. Everyone who grows up in Yuma has eaten at Mr G's.

        There's other good food in town (and too many chains), but these would be quickest, easiest, and most interesting. For other options, just search Yuma on this board.


      2. Now with the In and Out and Mimi's Cafe (16th street exit) we go there but I have wanted to wander into Yuma and get some good Mex that one of the Yuma posters keeps on bragging about.
        Love the Date shake at Dateland.