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Dec 11, 2008 07:35 AM

2 lbs. of shrimp - What to do?

Not gumbo or jambalaya - looking for something different but something kids will like too. Thanks!

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  1. If the kids are open to spicy, make New Orleans BBQ shrimp.

    If not, then how about just a wonderful shrimp cocktail for dinner. Always a hit on hectic days in my house.

    1. I did a wonderful roasted shrimp pasta last night...little live oil, salt, pepper and galic, toss and roast on 400 for about 8 minutes - made tha pasta and sauce of lemon white wine ...tossed with shrimp...

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        I would do a stir fry in a wok. Easy, healthy and fun for kids.

      2. If they like shrimp, how about a little shrimp boil? I don't know how different you're looking for but kids love eating with their hands and you can make it a little fun by spreading out newspaper on the table and allowing them to simply eat off the table instead of plates (more newspaper, rather than less is desirable here!) Add in some good veggies and off you go.

        1. how about a shrimp ala king on toast?

          1. Take the N.O. BBQ shrimp mentioned and make my Basil Mango dipping Sauce. Peel and pit a mango. Put the meat in a blender. Add 8-12 fresh basil leaves (chopped) and whirrrrr into a thick paste. Chill for a half hour or more before using.