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Dec 11, 2008 07:31 AM

Search function not working

Am I the only one who can't search? Almost every time I type a query into one of the search boxes, I don't get any results, just that page with the logo saying "There's been an error..." and something about how the team has been notified.

I've only been having this problem for a couple days now. Strangely, once in a while it'll go through and I'll get a first page of search results, but when I try to click to the second page I inevitably get the error.

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  1. I am also having trouble searching, but only when searching multiple words. Searching on a single word works fine. It looks like some glitch recently appeared that makes the search engine unable to handle search queries that have a space in them (i.e. multiple words).

    1. Oops. Some site changes we made yesterday seem to have broken the search function, so we've reversed them and search should be better now. If you're still getting those error pages, please let us know, and if possible, copy and paste the URL/address of the page you searched from and the page that resulted, since that'll help us determine precisely where the error is.

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        Looks like it's working now. Thanks for the help.