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Dec 11, 2008 07:28 AM

Where's Your Favorite Place for Brunch?

I am still searching for a place that offers something special, beyond your basic eggs and French toast. I'd love to hear what others have discovered...

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  1. I like the Centre Street Cafe in JP for brunch. They have interesting takes on the basics such as French toast, pancakes, eggs, etc. I really like the sourdough French toast that comes with a big pile of fruit and VT maple syrup.

    1. VeeVee in JP, just down the road from hiddenboston's nominee Centre Street Cafe, is doing a good and interesting brunch these days - lobster sausge, good buttermilk biscuits, and although I have yet to try the grits, they look promising. I also have to give a strong shout out to Pop's in the South End - french toast monte cristo's, eggs w/chorizo and chilaquiles, beignets, brioche pecan french toast with bananas and nutella - YUM!

      1. The Blue Room in Kendall Sq. They do a huge buffet of everything from the traditional (eggs, pancakes, sausages) to the more exotic (Asian-inspired salads, spiced grilled meats, gravlax), a constantly changing array. Plus a whole table of desserts. It's wise to make a reservation.

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          Second The Blue Room...its extensive spread and room has a warm celebratory feel to it.

        2. Finz in Dedham has a brunch that includes an all you can eat raw bar of oysters (Wellfleets currently), boiled shrimp and crab, and cooked to order eggs.
          DC and I had a wonderful time celebrating his birthday with oysters, Guinness, and salad, The staff were gracious with our situational over-indulgence.

          910 Washington St., Dedham, MA 02026

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            I went to Finz in Dedham today with a good friend and the brunch was very good. From the creme brulee french toast, perfect waffles, bacon, salmon hash and homefries to the swordfish,salmon, turkey and ham, everything was delicious. My friend had 4 plates of crab legs. The truffled mac and cheese was too good! The waiter takes your omelet order(included). It just might have been the best omelet I ever had. You can order as many omelets as you want. There were also various salads and veggies. Although very full, I did sample several of the deserts which were quite good. We'll be back!

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              Does anyone know how much the brunch is at Finz?

            2. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. They all sound different in their own way and very enticing!