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Dec 11, 2008 06:54 AM

Sheeba closed.

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  1. We ate there this past Friday and the place was packed.. Food was definitely not the same as it used to be (2 years ago). Could be they were distracted. . .
    Interesting meal nonetheless and I'm sad to see them go as well. do we have a list of the more novel restaurants in Miami?

    1. Damn. I really liked that place. Drove down from Lauderdale often. And it WAS always packed. So strange. And sad. Now I'll have to venture north to Orlando or Tampa to find some Ethiopian. Ugh.

      1. Sheeba's website says they are moving to Hollywood. Says to check back for more information. Who knows?? But that would be nice.

        1. If it's of any consolation, Kafa Cafe near Sheba started serving Ethiopian recently, for dinner.

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            interesting. is it full blown meals or morsels and tidbits?

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              I just had it today for the first time - and let's say it really filled me up and I didn't really eat anything all day today. The prices are very reasonable for dinner hours. I think they're only offering it from 5 pm to 10 pm.

              The food was tasty and well made - I wouldn't mind coming back, especially now that it's the only Ethiopian in Miami (which means there's no point in really comparing it with Sheba now). The most expensive individual plate went up to $15. I had the number 2 of the meat combo (sorry, Ethiopian names throw me off as I'm not that familiar with the cuisine yet as to memorize the name). But basically I had Ethiopian style ginger/red chili beef and ginger/tumeric chicken - and with Ethiopian style collard greens and ginger/tumeric potatoes and they were good. There were also several dinner plates for $8.

              The owners were nice and the service was good. And it was interesting to learn how they had come up with the name like Kafa Cafe. But I didn't really think they focused much on the coffee as they should have, with a name like that. I'd still come back for the Ethiopian dinners.

          2. The original comment has been removed