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Chinese take out boxes (colorful ones)

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I am looking for colorful Chinese take out boxes to put together my home-made cookies as Christmas gifts. Does anybody have any idea where can I find these in the city?


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  1. there is a store on 43rd & 5th that i think sells them. i'm sure you can find them down on canal street as well. some arts n crafts stores might carry them but don't know any off hand.

      1. I'm pretty sure any paper store (like Paper Presentation on 18th and 5th) has those. Maybe even Target...

        1. I'm almost 99% sure I saw these at Pearl River Mart the other day...

          1. Pearl River and Container Store both have them. I know Container Store also has plastic ones.

            1. JAM PAPER
              Third Ave. & 15th Street

                1. Thank you all for your responses.

                  I bought few boxes initially at pearl river mart and then when I ran out of them, I bought more at container store.

                  1. I thought i had posted this but I guess it didn't go through. In the future, you should check out