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Dec 11, 2008 06:44 AM

Louie's or Campisi's Egyptian?

Wanting some Pizza tonight, which do you recommend? I have had Campisi's once and liked it but never been to Louie's.

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  1. Neither.
    if you want super thin crust (like Louie's), but way tastier, I'd go to Eno's in Bishop Arts.
    if you want more "authentic" italian style: Olivella's or Campania
    if you want saucier, cheesier, NY style: Grimaldi's.

    1. Louie's for sure if you want to stay on the East side of 75. And yes west side of 75...Olivella or Campania are great choices.

      1. Louie's. Try the Greek salad as well - YUM!

        Campisi's is OK, but I love that cracker-like thin crust at Louie's. It also doesn't hurt that Louie's is a great bar.

        1. Louies by far - but be prepared for a bar scene. His sausage is very good. The ceasar salad is good too.