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Dec 11, 2008 06:43 AM

New Years Jerusalem

Hi! I will be spending the New Year's Eve in Jerusalem. Any suggestions for a nice celebratory dinner? It doesn't need to be a fancy place--just good food and festive.

Normally what to people do in Jerusalem? Have dinner with family and then party with friends?

Will most of the restaurants be fully booked? Aternatively, is street food another option if everything is already booked?


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  1. You may find some 'life' in the restaurants and bars in the Nahalat Shiva area off Zion Square, but your best bet, probably, is to hop into a sherut for Tel Aviv. Have fun!

    1. I am an American student at Hebrew U right now - and while it's not that New Year's Eve isn't celebrated it's not as though all people even have work or school off the next day. So finding a place to make reservations shouldn't be a problem at all. There will be people out, perhaps a little more than normal Wednesday night - but from what I've heard it's not a major night out.

      1. Hi Mielimato,

        New Year's isn't a big holiday in Jerusalem like it is in the States. Maybe in Tel-Aviv it is more popular but in Jerusalem it is rather low-key. It is gaining in popularity among the 20-35 crowd, but even so only in bars. Restaurants shouldn't be booked because the next day is a working day, as cresdy pointed. Last New Year's I went out for waffles at Babette's (Shamai St, open until 2:00 AM). This year I will be on patrol, and maybe I will get a waffle afterwards :)

        Joy on Emek Refaim is a nice place. Actually, lots of places on Emek might fit the bill. What do you (and whomever you are dining with) like to eat? And what do you consider to be "festive". I'm boring, so we may have different ideas.

        If you want to do sit-down waffles, Waffle Bar (Shlomtzion or Derech Beit Lechem) has waffles, sweet and savory crepes, salads, pizza, etc.