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Dec 11, 2008 06:30 AM

Former NYer needs ideas for semi-casual Sat dinner

I'm coming back with my wife for a quick visit and am experiencing brain freeze when trying to come up with ideas for dinner on Saturday night. We moved to Boston about 18 months ago and miss the excitement of the city as much as the food.

I'd like somewhere with a good 'buzz' and good food, entrees in the 20-25 range. Spotted Pig comes to mind, but we don't want a long wait nor a really touristy crowd. I am limiting this to American and Italian (and maybe french) because that's what I'm in the mood for. 'inoteca is all I could come up with. Help

Also, we're staying down in Battery Park. Is there any decent coffee down there yet without having to head uptown?

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  1. Since you mention 'inoteca, you would probably enjoy Bar Milano, which was opened several months ago by the same owners. Delicious food, a good wine list, and stylish modern decor. I hope when you say you like a good "buzz," that means you don't mind a high noise level because when the place is packed, it is very noisy. It being so close to the weekend, you may have to be willing to eat either very early or fairly late. Check OpenTable, but restaurants do not give all their reservations to O.T., so you should also call Bar Milano directly.


    1. For coffee in downtown, you can go to Zibetto Espresso Bar on Fulton St or Financier on Stone St (also in WFC Winter Garden)

      As for an alternative for The Spotted Pig, how about Irving Mill? They have a great burger and a lot of porky delicious dishes. Definitely less crowded than SP (which is loved by tourists and locals alike)