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Dec 11, 2008 06:18 AM

Looking for sweetbreads in Hampton Roads

This may be a complete pipe dream, but I was hoping someone would know of a restaurant in the Hampton Roads area that has sweetbreads on the menu. I recently had them at 1789 in Wash D.C. and have had a constant craving since!

Thanks in advance...

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  1. did you ever find them? I LOVEEEEE sweetbreads!

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    1. re: bythebayov

      Nope, still looking. Always get them when I travel, especially in DC. I think I may have seen them on the menu at Fat Canary in Williamsburg, no, wait it was Blue Talon Bistro...
      We had eaten lunch already when I found it, so we haven't been there yet...
      I'd like to lobby the chef at Terrapin to carry it on the menu, I'll have to drop a hint next time we go there. Great spot if you've never been, in VB...

    2. I hat e to break it to's not bread..

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      1. re: jbyoga

        yah, grew up in south's the thymus (sp) gland and it tastes a lot like lobster...I esp love them on the grill with home-made chimichurri - we call them "molleja" in Uruguay and Argentina, usually from calfs that have not developed or gone through "puberty." I am familiar with them and love them. Do you know where to get them jbyoga?

      2. Oh man, my brain is SO dead ... I had some last year - fabulous in a nice velvety sauce with plump golden raisins and toast points ... if I remember where, I will post!

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        1. re: patrickevanshylton

          D'oh - they weren't in Hampton Roads --- they were at C&O in Charlottesville

          1. re: patrickevanshylton

            wish we had eaten there the last time we went :-( ended up at blue light grill and Mas (my new favortie place!!) wish we had a tapas joint like this locally!