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Dec 11, 2008 06:09 AM

Pulled Pork?

Where can I buy really yummy pulled pork for entertaining purposes? Nothing vinegar-based please...

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  1. as a north carolinian, its probably a sin for me to recommend anything that isnt vinegar based, but i'd suggest rocklands.

    (willards is the best i've had in the area but i think they only have vinegar-based dip)

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    1. re: kneelconqueso

      I believe Rocklands only has chopped pork, not pulled. I've had it twice from the Gtown location recently and it was decent but then again I too am an NC style fan and prefer mine pulled... I liked their ribs better.

      1. re: Ellen

        All chopped pork should be pulled first, then chopped. If you want to order by the pound, I don't see why they can't refrain from chopping.

        1. re: Steve

          True but theirs isn't much pulled, just chopped. Pork cubes. Falls out of the bun.

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      1. I think you are going to hear a lot of answers.... how about KBQ in Bowie?

        1. they only do it once or twice a year, but the dutch market in germantown has awesome pulled pork with no sauce.

          1. I won't recommend the place as a "dining experience," but I've seen big ol' trays of pulled pork from Red Hot & Blue and it was decent.

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            1. re: wayne keyser

              just had a party with red, hot and blue's trays of pulled pork and pulled smoked chicken. i think the chicken was much superior to the pork in flavor and texture. (and i'm a pulled pork fan!).

              the slaw was good, and there was also a mixed green salad with dried cranberries and blue cheese.