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Dec 11, 2008 06:09 AM

Sunday, Sushi, Massey Hall area?

We are going to an evening show at Massey Hall this Sunday with friends and looking for decent sushi in the area. And if not sushi, something that could be considered cheap and cheerful. Good food, good atmosphere (ie not deafening), good service. Jeez, is that asking too much? I think anything that falls in the area between Church-Bay and Bloor-Queen would do the trick.

Thanks hounds.

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  1. Sushi is a no go otherwise you'll be eating leftovers from the days before
    Most places of note are closed. The only place where i've had half decent sushi on a Sunday is at Yamato in yorkville but that's way out of the way.

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      Good point. Thanks CoffeeAddict. I better rephrase my request in a new post.