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Dec 11, 2008 06:01 AM

Bridgeport, CT Finds

Pho Saigon 80 Wood Ave 203-334-8812
Extremely barebones little family-owned parlor, usually deserted, clueless as to the operation of a restaurant. Really excellent Pho (beef noodle soup). this place doesn't belong here, please get word out or it will vanish, a big loss.

Garibaldi 1703 Park Ave 203-362-1065
Great nice people, and they're Oaxacan! They mostly make the standard stuff, but they can be persuaded to make a few Oaxacan things like tlayudas. They make Oaxacan style tamales on weekends, and might be persuaded to make mole negro tamales if you place a large order with a generous deposit.

Beira-Mar Bakery 344 James St 203-366-0155 outstanding portuguese pastel de nata (egg custard tarts)

El Pueblito 1222 State St 203-332-4408 an older find (I first landed here on their opening day...they consider me sort of their "founding gringo customer"), which I need to revisit. Unless they've gone downhill fairly recently, this is the best columbian restaurant I know.

Also one over the border in Westport:
Galaxy Cookies 47 Saugatuck Ave 203-226-9731 Makes some really really well-made (but non-snobby/precious) cookies. Expensive, naturally.

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  1. Thanks for alerting us to these finds. sadly, Bport has such a rep for being dangerous around here that I haven't made many chow trips down south. (Of course they used to say that about New Haven not too long ago.)

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      I’m from Bridgeport and I can tell you that while it isn’t paradise on earth it is no where close to being as bad as most people make it out to be. Most city residents are honest, hard working people. The funny thing is that more than a few of BPT’s drug dealers and pimps would go out of business very fast if it wasn’t for all of their customers from the surrounding wealthy suburban towns.

      On to the food………I would love it if more people would add to this thread. Here are a few of my posts from the past.

      In the near future I will add a write-up of some good Brazilian places.

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        JohnnyCT, Is El Pueblito the same place that was in West Haven near the University of New Haven near that small green across the street on rte 1?

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          I'm sorry.....I don't know the answer to that question.

    2. Thanks for the tip on Pho Saigon. I will try it this week. Epernay on Fairfield Avenue is a great new place. Chef owner Peter is terrific. Bistro menu, really cool atmosphere. Also Helados Vasquez on Fairfield Avenue in Black Rock Section. Best gelato all made on the premises, and terrific home cooked Mexican food for lunch and dinner. BYOB and have a blast there!!!

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      1. re: Joanne Davis

        We're from New Haven, but we never mind making the trip to Bridgeport for Omanel. Wonderful Portugese food at very reasonable prices.
        ...and where else can you get a bottle of wine for $12?
        In addition to great traditional dishes, they usually have a lobster special - generally around a pound and a quarter for about $20, served with totally addicting fried potatoes (which actually accompany many of the dishes).

        1. re: Joanne Davis

          Joanne is spot on regarding Helados Vasquez! Awesome gelato. He also makes great homemade donuts.

        2. Is the puerto rican restaurant still next to the old motor vehicle office on East Main St? Marareos's, I think the name was.

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            Marrero Restaurant is still open.
            2065 East Main St.

          2. i live here and i can tell you there good restaurants here. Ralph &Riches, Taberna wine bar, Joseph's steak house, Tuscany.It's not nyc but the food is good and the prices are good as well. most night s you'll see the owners and in some cases owner / chef working . thay are proud of there places and rightly so.bridgeport ain't that dangerous,use common sense. just don't go crack shopping in the bad areas at night. calm down i'm joking

            1. I'm shocked. Bridgeport is starting to get some love. A writer from the NY Times wrote a piece for Amtrak's magazine about the international chow scene in Bridgeport. He did a pretty good job. It was nice to see some photos of places I frequent like Mommie's Patties and Taqueria Michoacana.


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              1. re: JohnnyCT

                Johnny ,good call on Michoacana. i have had the tacos pastor there,but they're not the same in Mexico where they have the pork on a spit. someone told me they only sell the real pastor on sunday's. i did see the machine when i was there.any info?

                1. re: mrporkbelly

                  I have seen the spit in action on Saturdays as well. Sometimes they don't use it, don't know why.