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Vegan friendly restaurants in Vancouver

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Does anybody have any good recommendations for a vegan friendly restaurant in Vancouver?

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  1. Dharma Kitchen, Foundation, Radha for restaurants. Sejuiced for a cafe. I have yet to try, but Gorilla Food for raw foodists.

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      Second Dharma Kitchen on Broadway near Alma. Not a veg at all but doesn't stop me loving some of their stirfries (there's a Thai influenced one IIRC that is really great with tofu) or their huge and fresh salads. Bonus is the calm and somewhat intimate room.

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        Radha is actually pretty good. A couple of Veg Indian places will have vegan friendly dishes: Saravanaa Bhavan and Prayag Raj.

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          Annapurna on 4th @ Burrard.

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            Thank you so much!!

    2. 2nd vote for Saravanaa Bhavan. The buffet's wicked value at around $10. Lot's of different curries to try - it's South Indian style. Each curry is really different and I guess made up separately from scratch rather than using 3 base sauces to make 15 'different' curries. Ooooo and the dosa's good and part of the buffet price. MMmmmmmmmm dosa.

      1. It's not a restaurant really but the Sweet Cherubin on Commercial Drive does wonderful vegan baking - their Bliss Balls really live up to the name.