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Dec 11, 2008 04:54 AM

Gluten-free in NotL?

I have some friends visiting Niagara next weekend, and they're both gluten intolerant. And dairy intolerant, sigh. Does anyone know of any restaurants in that area that do gluten-free? We'll be downtown, but anything in the Notl/Port Dalhousie/St. Catharines area is fine.

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  1. Oh, you're good. Stone Road Grill, Pie Plate, The Epicurean all in NOTL/Virgil can help you out...but call ahead to give them a chance to get ready for you. In St. Cath there's a veggie/thai rest, can't recall the name, sure somebody here will, but my mum who is also a macrobiotic gluten intolerant always had no problems eating at any of these places. Place in St. C is actually in Port Dal...sorry, the name will come to me...will post again

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      Spice of Life...? in Port Dalhousie

    2. Try this link:

      I believe the Wild Flower Market & Bistro in Fonthill is celiac-friendly too:

      1. If they're okay with the small amount of wheat in soy sauce, (which may be the case if they're intolerant not celiac) then almost any Asian restaurant would be suitable. Since asian food is usually made to order, with a minimum of purchased sauces, you could probably just ask the restaurant to use salt instead of soy sauce in the dishes you order (also make sure they just use corn starch not wheat for their deep fried items).

        Having said that, in my experience, as long as your friends aren't ultra-picky, most restaurants have something that is gluten free, or are happy to make a minor change to accommodate.

        The main thing is to avoid sandwich shops and pasta bars.

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          One's celiac, and one's gluten intolerant, so soy is out, and they're careful about cross contamination via cutting boards and things.

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            That gluten free Ontario link is probably your best bet then.

            Most restaurants don't have a problem with allergy requests, but would have trouble with a cross-contamination free environment.

            I was curious about sushi and celiacs, and found this discussion interesting. Don't know if there's any good sushi restaurants in the area, though!