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Dec 11, 2008 04:51 AM

real chocolate sprinkles near Boston?

Does anyone know where I can buy real (e.g. Guittard or another brand) of chocolate sprinkles in the Boston area? I used to get them at Verna's cake supply store in North Cambridge, but that store no longer exists.


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  1. You can get them at Marty's in Newton. I seem to think they have both Callebaut and Valrhona.

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      1. re: Velda Mae

        Marty's definitely has the Callebaut, real dark chocolate "vermicelli", at the by far the best price around. I buy a couple of big containers every time I go in, and everyone loves them.

      2. I sent my husband off to Marty's and he came home with two tubs. Delicious. Thanks for the help! (I want them for what sounds like a fabulous recipe for Rum Balls in the local paper, from Christ Kimball, the Kitchen Detective.)

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        1. re: rememberme

          From who? I know he is an icon in the area but...

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            Don't forget to just sprinkle them on top of chocolate chip ice cream. Yum!

            1. re: winedude

              The same as Chocolate Jimmies? Vermicelli sounds way too fancy to be Jimmies ;)

              1. re: T.Clark

                They're actually like Jimmies used to be, when I was a kid. Now, they're usually tasteless, and the ingredient list is wax, corn syryp and food coloring. These are the real deal, 55% dark chocolate, real Jimmies.

                1. re: winedude

                  Got it. Brigham's Ice Cream ...........circa 1974

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              Can you post, according to CH guidelines, here? It's not available online....

            3. taza chocolate makes chocolate shavings that you can sprinkle-they are tasty!!!!

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              1. re: fluffernutty

                Where can I find the Taza chocolate shavings? Thanks!

                1. re: sallyt

                  Taza Chocolate is made in Somerville, MA. You can tour their factory! We did yesterday.

                2. re: fluffernutty

                  FLUFFERNUTTY - I'd love to know where you found the Taza shavings - any info would be great - thanks!

                3. Henry's of North Beverly has Stranded Foodie Real Chocolate Sprinkles. Here is their address: 588 Cabot Street, Beverly, MA 01915 (978) 922-3885. You may want to take a look at web site for other locations. Suzi : )