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Dec 11, 2008 04:45 AM

lobster -- chinese style -- best in nova?

mr. alka is seeking some good chinese-style lobster. i'm not sure exactly what he means, other than lobster prepared with some sauce, shelled or not. now that is some broad request, i know, but what is your favorite lobster dish in a northern virginia chinese restaurant? he might be willing to go to d.c., but we'd prefer to go for lunch, and dc is a hassle.

we've been eating a lot recently at hong kong palace. anyone had their lobster? i don't see any "fresh lobster" tank there, just the poor ol' crowded tilapia....

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  1. Cantonese restaurants are most famous for their lobster dish. A typical preparation is stir-fried with ginger and scallion. Fortune in 7 Corners has a lobster special ($15 on weekdays?). I haven't had it there or any other NOVA restaurant recently but other usual suspects are: Mark's Duck House, Miu Kee on Rt. 50, possibly Canton Cafe and Sampan.

    From MDH's menu:

    Lobster w/Ginger & Scallion Sauce (how we usually eat it)

    Sizzling Lobster w/Black Pepper Sauce (sounds goood)

    Salty Baked Lobster w/Chili & Garlic (sounds good, but you can probably do cheaper by just order the shrimp done this way)

    Baked Lobster w/Butter & Garlic (sounds French to me)

    Lobster w/Minced Pork & Scrambled Egg Cantonese Style (possibly good)

    Steamed Lobster w/Garlic Paste & Aged Dried Orange Peel Sauce (Cut in half) (sounds Americanized to me)

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      ericandblueboy, thank you kindly! i'd be a happy camper with just about any of those dishes!

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        Lobsters can easily cost $30 in a Chinese restaurant. (You never know the exact price because the menu says "market price.") As a result, we don't normally order lobster right off the menu. In contrast, many Cantonese restaurants have set menus that are very reasonably priced. For example, you might get a 10 course menu for $150 (that would easily feed 10 people). On these set menus, they will offer lobster with ginger & scallion. And that's how we always end up eating lobster with ginger & scallion. We don't do that many family banquets anymore since we're all spread out all over the country so the lobster is a familiar and tasty treat.

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          Good point on checking on price first. My parents ordered it once (not here) for 4, and it was over $125. Another option, if you trust the chef and they don't have lobster, is to call ahead and talk to them and then bring fresh lobster for them to prepare. But, there might be a communication barrier.

    2. Speaking of lobster, the small ones were going for $4.99/lb at the Great Wall grocery store these past couple of weeks.

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        I saw an 11 o'clock news teaser during a TV station break last night about unusually low priced lobster, but I didn't stay awake to hear the full story. I think it was on Channel 9. Anyone know what the newscaster was alluding to?

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          Basically, the lobster fishery has become sustainable, and with the economy being what it is, supply has outstripped demand. This was particularly hard on the lobstermen earlier in the year when their fuel costs were so high. So go out and buy some wild-caught US or Canadian lobster. It's even in the yellow "good alternative" category of the Seafood Watch Program.