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Dec 11, 2008 04:43 AM

Kinder Chocolate from Israel

Anyone know where I can find Kinder Chocolate from Israel in Brooklyn or NYC? I don't want any kinder chocolate from any other country(I don't even know if the others are kosher), just Israeli kinder.

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  1. Call Supersol of uWS; I think I saw it it there.

    1. Since when is Kinder Israeli? Even in Israel, it's imported from Europe, I believe.

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      1. re: queenscook

        I think there are multiple factories or a kosher company may have a license to make kosher runs of Kinder products (e.g. Paskez and Haribo).

        The London Beit Din has the bueno, chocolate (i'm guessing plain), maxi and surprise as kosher dairy (not cholov israel). If you see a British label you should be covered.

        1. re: CloggieGirl

          i saw kinder eggs at holon foods in bklyn on kings highway (527 kings highway). Under hasgacha of israel rabbinate