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Dec 11, 2008 04:31 AM

Where can I find this ice cream in Brooklyn?

Anyone have any idea as to where I can find this specific Israeli ice cream treat in Brooklyn? Or maybe on the UWS in NYC?

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  1. try Pomagranite in Brooklyn, or Supersol or Kosher Marketplace in NYC

    1. Supersol and Kosher Marketplace were never big purchasers of Strauss Ice Cream from Israel. The real place to find Strauss Ice Cream in the New York area based on sales by their distributor, Dairy Delight, are as follows:

      1. Rockland Kosher Supermarket (Monsey)
      2. Amalya (Queens)
      3. A to Z Kosher Supermarket (Queens)
      4. Landau's (Brooklyn)
      5. The supermarket across Main Street in Queens from Brach's
      6. NPGS (Lakewood)
      7. Holyland Market (New York) [seasonal - they have small freezers and only stock Strauss Ice Cream in the summer]

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        Just for clarification, #5 refers to a store called "Wassermans."

        1. re: queenscook

          Yes, thank you. The name escaped me. I just thought of another supermarket that sold a ton of Strauss Ice Cream products, it is called Carmel and it is on 108 Street in Queens I think in between 64th Rd and 65 Ave or something like that.