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Dec 11, 2008 03:02 AM

Morning meal in the 7th

Looking for morning meal suggestions upon arrival from an all night flight from the States. We usually drop our bags off at the hotel and head out for an omelette or something. This is our first time staying in the 7th, corner of Ave. Duquesne & Ave. de Lowendal. It's been 3 years since we've strolled thru that area and I remember a lot of little cafes but nothing stands out in my mind. Any good ideas?

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  1. The big brasserie at the corner of Motte Picquet and Duquesne is decent.

    1. There are several café/resto/brasseries one block from you at the Pl. Ecole militaire; my favorite among them is La Terrasse.

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        I second Place de l'Ecole Militaire, 'the' hub in the 7th arr.
        My favourite is Le Tourville, a pretty cozy, upscale café which is part of the Costes Bros. places. You can have breakfast (or brunch) almost all day long. The lounge part is particularly enjoyable and perfect for people watching inside and outside, even more so the terrace in warmer seasons.
        A bit more expensive compared to the other cafés though.

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          The two mentioned are OK; why not try for an early lunch at Florimond or Leo le Lion, two really great spots for quality meals. Both are just a block or so from the metro station and two blocks from your place.

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            Thanks for all the suggestions, we're on our way!