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Jan 15, 2004 12:51 PM

Dan Tanna's menu

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Much to my delight, my wife is taking me to Dan Tanna's for my birthday next month. It will be my first experience there. While diving into succulent slabs of meat is just fine with me, my wife eschews the chewing of red meat.

I assume there are other non-beef items on the menu that she will enjoy. Any recommendations in that vein?

Thanks in advance


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  1. THey're somewhat famous for their caesar salad. I had spaghetti carbonara, which was good but very heavy. Maybe some of the other pastas, and I'm sure they do a good scampi.

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    1. re: Chowpatty

      Stop right there! The Scampi is one of the worst. I wish I had solicited chowhounders prior to my going because the scampi was so bad maybe I would have tried some of these other dishes mentioned.

    2. Great Question (if poor spelling on Tana's). The steak is great but there are some other nice choices.

      I really love a dish called Chicken Beckerman. It's got chicken, potatoes, grilled onions, Italian a fab contadina without sausage/steak/peppers.
      Also love their spaghetti carbonera.

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        Oooopps, forgot, bacon in carbonara!

      2. If the link works you should be able to scroll through the menu and see if it looks like anything she would find appealing.


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          WLA -

          MANY thanks for the link (and my apologies for the poor spelling....)

          Just curious - based upon this on-line menu (admittedly not directly from Tana's): do they just have the two NY steaks on the menu? Not a gripe mind you - I was just curious......

          And by all means - fire away with appetizer recommendations....

          thanks again for the prompt input


        2. Whitefish is a favorite.

          Shrimp or Lobster fra divolo, served in slighty spicy red sauce with congac with a side of pasta in the same sauce. Unless she is a big eater, a half order will suffice. If she likes spicy food, make sure you mention it. My last meal there is wasn't as spicy as it usually is.

          My favorite meal is a split Ceasar with my husband, a split lobster fra diavlo. Plenty of food there. If my husband has a steak, I get a half order.

          I never order dessert here. If you like fine wine, you might want to pay corkage and bring it with you. The wine list is imperfect but we always drink martinis.

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          1. re: JudiAU

            Based on the thread we ate our "traditional" at the bar last night. Perfect.

          2. Tana's is unique in that it is an italian restaurant where much of the "italian" food is mediocre, yet there are some truly excellent dishes. Best of all, of course, is the steak. They also serve excellent whitefish, prepared two different ways. Shrimps oreganata, not on the menu, is wonderful. People rave about the chicken parmagiana, but I've never had it. Also, many people like the veal, but I haven't had that either (I always get the steak.) Most of the pastas are pretty mediocre, but I do recommend the fettucine alfredo, even if it is close to a heart attack on a plate. The fried calamari is among the very best in town. Caesar salad, spinach salad (warm or cold), and mozzarella marinara are all good appetizers. Chicken Beckerman (chicken, potatoes, onions) is a wonderful dish. (Be sure to order potatoes Beckerman with your steak.) If you're feeling adventurous, finish your evening with a round of "Bishop's Caps," a brandy drink that will help keep the glow all the way home...and beyond. Enjoy!