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Dec 11, 2008 01:24 AM

Comerç 24 vs Cinq sentis

We're going to Barcelona this weekend and have a reservation for Comerç 24 on Saturday night...but after sleuthing around chowhound, it looks like Cinq sentis more often comes up as a favorite. Can anyone weigh in about the pros and cons of both? Should we scrap our reservation for Comerç 24 and try and get a spot at Cinq Sentis?

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  1. I'm sure you'd enjoy either, don't stress :) There are too many good restaurants in BCN to go to on any visit, and decisions have to be made. We went to Cinq Sentis and to Tapaç 24 (casual sister to Comerç 24) and enjoyed both. We also have been to Alkemia (sp?) and enjoyed that. I think the only places I would say are my MUST go in BCN are Cal Pep and Bar Pinxos in the Boqueria, neither of which is the high-end sort of place you are looking at :) Also the famous iberico ham sandwich at the Vienna chain is well worth trying.

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      I super agree on Cal Pep and Bar Pinoxs...Cal pep is on my "top 5 restaurant experiences EVER" list...just go there early enough for the first seating, or otherwise you'll have to stand and wait for a seat. Bar Pinoxs had the best damn garbonzo beans i've ever tasted in my life and though pricey, it was certainly well worth it.

      As for Commerce 24...i was a little over foamed...the food was interesting, but i'm unsure it was as stellar as i wanted it to be...lots and lots of foam...and gel...and foam..

    2. Comerc24 and Cinc Sentis are both excellent restaurants but offer different experiences. Comerc24 is high end very creative tapas/small plate restaurant. The tapas tasting menu can have as many as a dozen dishes. The food is mostly excellent with a few misses. The dining room is lively with lots of buzz and higher in the 'chic' scale. The service, like the food can just as inconsistent depending on the waiter. This is not to infer that it is a bad experience.
      Cinc Sentis offer more of a traditional dinner experience, either ordering a la carte or a tasting menu of a few courses. The courses are well composed and consistently excellent. The restaurant is very low key while the personal service is excellent. If I were looking for a fun and lively night out, I would choose Comerc24. For a quiet leisurely dinner, it would be Cinc Sentit
      An above poster considered Cal Pep and Bar Pinxtos as MUSTS. I am not a great fan of Cal reservation, long wait, overpriced though good seafood and eating while having hungry diners behind you eyeing after your seat. The food at Bar Pinxtos is very good but there are other similiar places in the Boqueria that are just as good. I like to go Bar Pinxtos for a late breakfast/early lunch. These two informal places are very different from Comerc24 and Cinc Sentis.

      1. Have not been to Cinq Sentis but I will speak on Commerc. Really, I don't think you will be disappointed. I dig the space itself quite a bit and the food was very good to excellent with one definite miss on the tasting. In that regard, I am reiterating what PBSF said. Service was proper in every way. I was surprised, overall, to the upside. I am quite a *($&#@()#@ in general about restaurants to put it mildly. You might check their menu but I am not sure that will give the whole scope and sometimes combos are executed better than they sound. OR NOT for that one dish.
        Ah, the olive oil, a surprisingly inexpensive brand but I am partial to Spanish olive oil. Also, the chocolate part of the multiple dessert tapas but again, I find Spanish chocolate work to be highly underrated.
        And now, I will just be merely envious that I am not going and am not in Barca.

        1. Thanks to everyone for weighing in. In the end, we really aren't big on "foam" so we decided to go to Cinc Sentis instead which was solid, with excellent service but kind of boring and staid. Like PSBF said, Comercç 24 probably would have been the better place to go for a wild night out. Cinc Sentis was like going to the opera. We also ended up at Tapaç 24 which we loved...

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            I tried to negate the commentary that I believe led you to your decision without be blatant.
            Too bad it did not work. Sorry Cinc was a bit boring for you. Commerc is not crazy mol gastro or experimental to the point of it not being food like some places.
            I tried to convey that and some other great qualities about it. I seem to have failed.

          2. You might be interested in my report from Barcelona from May ...

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              My wife and I are leaving for Barcelona in a couple of days. As it happens, the only way to get to both Comerc 24 and Cinc Sentits was to book a 1:30 lunch at Cinc Sentits on Dec. 30 and a 10:15 dinner at Comerc 24 the same day. Are we asking for trouble, or is that probably enough time in between to regain a sufficient appetite?

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                It really depends on the individual. For me, it would be way too much to take two large meals in one day. One way to do it is to order the tasting menu at Cinc Sentits at midday. then order a couple dishes at a time at Comerc24 until you feel you had enough, which means passing over Comerc24's Menu Festival de Tapas.
                For Cinc Sentits, the best dishes are his arroz, foie-gras and suckling pig. These usually are in their tasting menu in one form or another but may not be on their less expensive (and shorter) daily Lunch Set Menu.
                For Comerc24, my favorites are the vieiras, foie-gras, grilled baby octopus, bikinis, goat belly; for dessert: bread soaked in custard, browned and served warm

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                  Thanks. I think that's what we'll plan to do. Good to have recommended dishes...