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Good restaurants with great deals in tough times?

Looking for some good deals with the wallet getting thinner.
Tacos Baja has always had a great deal with their 99 cent fish taco Wednesdays. They just opened a third branch in Glendora and now am going there every Wednesday for lunch.
TAPS Brewery in Fullerton now has a $25 prix fixe menu that includes a glass of their award-winning beer, an appetizer, an entree, and a dessert.
O Dae San has prime kal bi and bulgogi for $16.99 (40% off regular price)
Are there any others out there that you know of?

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  1. It depends on what you are looking for. Are you looking for cheap but filling? Full-service? Fast food? Chinese? Vietnamese? Italian? etc.

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      Looking for anything that's good and filling, whether lowbrow or upscale
      from the casual mom-and-pop feel of Banh Cuon Tay Ho to Maison Akira.

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        There are a lot of affordable Chinese restaurants in the SGV, and many of them have lunch specials, too. For example, at Tasty Garden (Hong Kong/Cantonese food) in Arcadia, they average around $6. It's hard to make recommendations because there are a lot of cheap places. Vietnamese restaurants are generally very affordable as well, such as Bahn Mi Che Cali or Golden Deli. Here's some more info that I've compiled:


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          Thanks, Ray. I'm actually looking for something different that what you've suggested. I do go to Banh Mi che Cali for their banh cuon, and I enjoy Vietnam House more than Golden Deli. If I go to Tasty Garden, what do I order?

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            They have lots of good items there. I like the beef stew in noodle soup (the wide, flat rice noodles). It's a comfort food for me. I also like the Hong Kong style waffle. Those are good with condensed milk, but you need to ask them for it. The dried scallops and egg white fried rice is also good.

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            Agreed on the Vietnamese point. I just had a great, fulfilling, delicious meal over at Pho 999 in Van Nuys. $6.75 for a beautiful bowl of bun thit nuong with egg rolls (picture attached). $6.75!!!

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              6.75 is kinda pricey for bun thit nuong? At Golden Deli it was like $5.25?


      2. I posted yesterday about the sushi happy hour deals at Hirosuke in Encino: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/579323

        1. all the lunch specials at shamshiri grill on westwood blvd are a GREAT deal.

          if you go for dinner, although the prices are higher, the quantity will be greater (meaning LOTS of food) , so still a great deal.

          1. Florentine's Grill in Fullerton is offering entrees at half off.

            I hear great things about 50 Forks in Santa Ana, it's a student-run restaurant, the students are from the The Art Institute of California. Average lunch entrees run around $7.

            Florentine's Downtown Grill
            102 N Harbor Blvd, Fullerton, CA 92832

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              Thank you so much for the Florentine's grill recommendation. Will definitely try it out. One of my favorite restaurants is Sushi Gen, and the poor man's Sushi Gen is Sushiland in Hacienda Heights. Sushiland has a "poor man's version" of Sushi Gen's famous sashimi platter but for half the price, and it's quite decent. The plates and the plating are almost identical.

            2. It's not gourmet but Steer N Ale on Foothill in East Pasadena has some really reasonable lunch and dinner specials. Decent food at very good prices.



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                Bar Marmont has a "recession" special menu that includes half a dozen of NE oysters + a glass of wine pairing for $12. For the Hollywood area, I think that's about as cheap as oysters go...

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                  that sounds great. is offered at all times or limited hours/days? did you read about it somewhere or see it on their menu?

              2. Cheebo on Sunset in Hollywood has an "Afternoon Delight" special that will get you a house salad, any one of their pizzas (or one of a few other options such as mac and cheese, sandwich option, etc), and a glass of house wine or beer for $9.95. Deal runs M-F from 3-6 PM.

                7533 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90046

                1. My boyfriend and I have been obsessed w/Elena's Greek Armenian restaurant on Glendale Blvd. in Glendale. Since my boyfriend doesn't eat red meat, we usually order a combination plate w/ground chicken lula and chicken kabob. We'll also get a side order of Falafel which comes w/hummus so we don't have to order a seperate side of it. The falafels are by far the best I've ever had, and the meat is well seasoned and juicy. Even though we split everything, I can still barely finish my plate. We'll share everything and it comes out to a whopping $12. I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!

                  Just make sure to check the math when you receive your bill. It's hapenned twice where the total made me do a double take, after checking the math, I noticed it was totally wrong. I don't think its anything shady, its just that one of the waitress's there isn't all that math savvy :)

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                    Just beware that they really don't have Greek food, it's really an Armenian place.

                  2. Little Dom's in Los Feliz has a great 3 course menu on Monday nights for $15. Went there last Monday and had fennel-parmesan salad (nice and simple with clean acidity in the dressing), skirt steak with lima beans (so that's what they're supposed to taste like), and a great not-too-sweet rice pudding. Their cocktails are excellent, but on Mondays they also have $10 bottles of house wine (not bad for the price) and $2 Peroni.

                    1. On Mondays, Jiraffe has bistro night, a $35 3-course prix-fixe menu. Certain wines are also available at reduced prices.


                      502 Santa Monica Blvd
                      Santa Monica, CA 90401
                      (310) 917-6671

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                        Thanks all. I just found out that there's a restaurant in Irvine called Savannah that has a $10 filet mignon, halibut, OR crab legs dinner. Does anyone know if it is good?

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                          It's just through the month of February. The filet and king crab was okay, not $10 bad but not normal price good. The sauce with my filet was tasty. Everything else is still a bit pricey. Can't beat it for the price if you stick with the special, fair portion - won't get you too full. They decor is very Moulin Rouge with red velvet booths and the bar and nightlife seems cool. Nice way to try it out since I'm nearby, but wouldn't go out of my way for it...

                          1. re: groover808

                            Thanks. I checked with a friend, and they are going to have a new three dishes in March on sale for $10 each.

                            1. re: nomo_fan

                              Nice, a lot of places are extending specials too. Many Dine LA specials were extended out through February too I think. Too late now. I think as the Dow is hitting below 7000 (as we speak), more will pop up.

                      2. Bashan in Glendale/Montrose is going to start offering a $40 prix fixe. As an added bonus, tues - thurs, they offer free corkage if the wine is purchased from Rosso's Wine shop next door (which is where I usually buy my wine anyhow)

                        1. Frida (at least the one in Glendale) actually has decent weeknight specials in the dining area... one night (Tuesday, I think?) is $2 tacos, Monday is something like $3 enchiladas, etc. (sadly, I don't remember them all) And their $2 tacos at happy hour (M-Th at the bar) are pretty darn good too.

                          I like Frida's food but thought they were overpriced; these specials, though, are definitely worth it.

                          1. Fraiche just started Monday night 3 course dinner specials from 5:30-7:30. There will be a different menu each week and tonight was cassoulet served with a mushroom salad to start and tiramisu for dessert. The cassoulet was very tasty, and a nice-sized portion with plenty of duck, bacon and sausage, albeit they used merguez rather than Toulouse sausage and the smaller flageolet beans instead of Tarbais or cannellini. A very good deal for $25.

                            1. The Park in Echo Park has $15 3-course menus on Tuesdays.
                              I have not been but sounds like a great deal. Today they're doing gumbo/jambalaya/bread pudding.


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                                Only bummer about The Park right now is they have no liquor license and they don't allow BYOB. They say they're applying for one.

                                1. re: LA Foodie

                                  Yeah the only reason they don't allow BYOB is bcs they're not allowed to since they don't have a liquor license. (And apparently someone reported them - jerk)

                                  -- burumun

                              2. Craft just started Craftbar, in the lounge, where everything is under $10

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                                  O Dae San just got rid of their 40% kal bi special but has some great complete dinner specials for $99. We fed 13 adults and 2 children for a group party at O Dae San only ordering 2 of the $99 specials. It was AWESOME! However, they inclue Yuk Hwe (raw beef like korean-style carpaccio) as part of the meal, and it went uneaten by all. What a waste.

                                2. I had just posted a similia post a few days ago. lol. I was blown away after seeing Arnie Mortons was offering $5 plates from 4:30-6:30 Mon-Fri!! You sit in the bar and the menu is delicious. The staff is friendly and just happy to have the business.