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gift ideas for chefs

What would you get a chef for xmas, budget of $20

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  1. My husband got me a teflon coated whisk and a lovely offset spatula. I cried tears of joy.

    1. Whisks are always good. I especially enjoy my several mini-whisks that are so great for salad dressings and such. But the one thing I keep wishing for -- and therefore assume any other creative cook would want -- is an egg topper! You know, those little circular scissor type things that take the top off an egg shell with no crackles, crunches, or caved in shells.

      I gotta go write a letter to Santa!

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        Those egg topper things aren't cheap, I think.. I was looking at one on a restaurant supply house site and it seemed to be like $50..

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          You can get those. A friend uses this one and swears by it: http://tinyurl.com/5dq9us

      2. Set of nice wooden spoons. Many cooks (myself included) use them far past their prime.

        Otherwise, maybe a microplane grater / zester.

        1. If they don't already have something very much like them, I'd get them one each of the following:
          12 inch Oxo Good Grips locking tongs with stainless tips:

          9 inch Oxo Good Grips locking tongs with nylon covered tips (for non-stick cookware):

          The total would be about $18. These are the most used tools in my kitchen, personally.

            1. if you mean restaurant kitchen chef.One thing we LOVE is unscented first rate HAND CREAM.It must be like the shoemakers children,we just don't make the connection and purchase it.At home some of the nicer wood and bamboo things out there now,again same story.A fancy vase for herbs,just got one,never would have done it myself LOVE IT.
              Large serving bowls and platters,you can't have too many.All of mine have a story.

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                Oh good one. I'm not a chef but am working in a profession where I'm constantly washing my hands. My hands can get so dry in the winter. Problem with a lot of chefs tools is that the recipient may already have them. You can always use more hand cream. One of my favorites is Kiehl's Creme de Corps and Kiehl's Intensive Treatment and Moisturizer. Unscented and works super well.

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                  I'm sitting here with very dry hands thinking that would be a great gift for me (a chef) :) Last Christmas I received as a gift some silpats; which I now can't live without. You can find them on amazon for under $20. I also like the nice wooden spoon suggestion.

                2. Some ideas....
                  - Maldon Sea Salt
                  - an assortment of Penzey's spices (Vietnamese cinnamon sticks, Madagascan vanilla beans, etc)
                  - nice olive oil
                  - cookbook
                  - tongs (I love having a variety)
                  - linen, not cotton, but REAL linen
                  - engraved/embossed napkins (dinner or cocktail)

                  1. if you're talking an actual Chef and not a Home Cook i'd say Booze, and lots of it.

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                      Yup. Or a bag of... but I bet ya want to keep it legal. :)

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                        under an once in Massachusetts is a civil infraction and only fine.

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                            ScubaSteve must have voted "YES" on Question 2 this past Nov. 4th in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. As LindaWhit did. :-)

                      2. I would invite them to a home-cooked meal on their night off.

                        1. A bottle of Jaegermeister. Most chef I know are a closet fan of the jaeger.

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                            I've sort of shifted to the Italian amaro's - infused like Jaeger, but better tasting..

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                              Personally, I think Jaeger is disgusting. I had never heard of amaro so I checked it out online. It sounds lovely! Great suggestion. For anyone else who isn't familiar, here's a description of one amaro:

                              Nardini Amaro is a balanced, distinctive digestif infused with bitter orange, peppermint, and alpine yellow gentian. This deeply mahogany-hued liqueur displays aromas of licorice, mint, caramel, and citrus, while the palate perfectly balances fruit and herb, bitter and sweet. Enjoy straight, chilled, or on the rocks.

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                                my friends and i are on the fernet branca, lol. :)

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                              A foot massage. Best answer yet. Just no directly going to kneed bread afterwards!

                            2. PEDICURE !!!! I am no longer in a retail kitchen but I remember it well.A guest last evening had just come from his early Christmas present.An old fashioned shave and a pedicure.He passed on the manicure part for EXTRA face and foot time.

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                                hand massages too. an ex of mine spent so much time on sautee his hand would be curled stiff like a monkey's paw, lol.

                              2. I just bought a foodie friend a small board for butter with a spat. handcarved cherry wood its beautiful. almost tempted to buy myself one as well. I love wooden things in the kitchen so can never have enough.

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                                  A wooden salt box is nice too. I keep one next to the stove. It's bamboo and the top swings/slides open. Very convenient.

                                2. Nothing related to food, except liquor.

                                  1. We were going to a restaurant tonight headed by one of our favorite chefs and I brought him some excellent Taza Mexican Chocolate. It was just an "I was thinking of you gift, we have a bit of history with the ingredient.

                                    1. I bought a beautiful apron from William Sanoma for $24 - a bit over - but worth it

                                      1. Kitchen scissors that are interlocking and separate for washing. Well sharpened they are an item sometimes overlooked but zoom in at crunch time to accomplish amazing tasks.

                                        1. Spices from Pensey's or some other purveyor, or a spice mill (cheap coffee mill will work too). A set of mixing bowls and mini whisks, new wooden spoons (get olive wood).

                                          I do like the idea of unscented hand cream and a pedicure. Could use one of those now after cooking for the Christmas Party this past weekend.