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Dec 10, 2008 09:52 PM

Fresh cheap lobster in LA? or online?

Hey all,

I've been reading on the NY Times and other places that lobster prices are at a 25-year low in Maine. I don't see any price difference in the prices here in LA, though. Santa Monica Seafood is obviously pocketing the difference.

One thing I love to do is get the east coast lobsters and then grill them baja west-coast style with drawn butter, cilantro, limes, and flour tortillas. The sweetness of the Maine lobster is a great combination with the smokey baja-style prep.

Anyway, has anyone found cheap Maine lobsters out here? Or maybe a restaurant serving it for cheap?



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  1. To piggyback on your question...I'm curious about finding local spiny lobster, if anyone has anything to say about it.

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    1. Gelson's yesterday advertised a big sale on lobster, but they won't reveal the price until the 15th.

      1. Hi

        For web sources of lobster please post a separate query on the General Topics board where Chowhounds exchange web order source information.


        1. They're $5.88 / lb. at the Arcadia Market on Duarte east of Baldwin (next to Din Tai Fung). Bought 9 of them today for lobster fests tonight and tomorrow!

          $6.99 / lb. at both 99 Ranch in Monterey Park and 168 Market on Valley (they'll steam for free.)

          Sorry for duplicate posts!