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Dec 10, 2008 09:16 PM

What do you make for breakfast on Christmas morning?

I saw a recipe for baked hash browns in the December issue of Bon Appetit or Gourmet. I think I'll make those and a strata and maybe baked oatmeal. Maybe some cinnamon rolls.

What do you make? I'm especially interested in things I can assemble the night before. Thanks!

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  1. Nuclear potatoes, baked french toast, crustless quiche. EZ. Or big crowds: I have like the whole earth at my house Christmas morn. I precook sausage, dice veggies and mix them in 4 huge bags of shredded potatoes. It can be mixed and frozed way ahead of time. Christmas: Get every skillet within a four block radius plugged into the kitchen sockets, pour in the fat and fry away. Dump 36 beaten eggs (yes 36, no more, no less!!!) in among the pans and then cheddar on top and let it ride. Make salsa and guac the day before, lay out some sour cream and hot soft giant flour torts and it is breaky burritos for 50. I also make like15 coffee cakes and quick bread ahead (freeze and thaw-heat) and enough fruit salad to scare off a herd of monkeys. By noon I am insane and need a whiskey drip feed.

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      WOW sounds great,,,,what time is breakfast served...I'll bring my own fork! ;)

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        You poor person you! You have all my sympathy. What a morning! We don't HAVE breakfast on Christmas day - or we have what we can grab. The lunch is the thing. The one tradition we have is the day AFTER Christmas. We always have leftover Turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce sandwiches for breakfast. YUM.

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          I read this post to Huz and he said he knows why you have 50 people to feed each Christmas morning!

        2. Slices of panettone, coffee and hot chocolate.

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              Yes! Cinnamon rolls, coffee and hot chocolate for the boy.

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                That's what we do.

                I have to admit to extreme laziness - I bake Grand's Cinnamon Rolls. We always have the inlaws and they are very basic in their tastes and I have a child who likes everything "plain", so I generally just go for easy. I'm not a huge morning person anyway and I have to cook Christmas dinner that afternoon!

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                  We always have as well, though this year I may try and make them myself. Maybe. If I get all my shopping done this weekend and it I have everything wrapped and the house cleaned and all the cookies baked. Maybe.

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                    We always do the Grands!! One year, I tried to make homemade sticky buns, and everyone was very kind and ate them, but the Grands reappeared the very next year. Now I just focus on Christmas dinner.

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                      I always did Grands too and then last year I bought frozen cinnamon buns at Ikea and they were awful. Don't mess with tradition!

                2. I made a ham and tomato strata for last year's Christmas breakfast, and it was a huge hit. It was really easy to throw everything together on Xmas Eve, stick it in the fridge, and then bake it up in the morning. The recipe called for oven-roasted plum tomatoes to be mixed into the strata, but I forgot to roast them, let alone add them. So I just chopped them with a bit of onion for a quick tomato relish!
                  I also do cinnamon rolls, making them a day or two ahead of time and refrigerating them. I let them come to room temp on xmas morning, and then stick them in the oven right alongside the strata.

                  1. Hardboiled eggs, kielbasa, and some sort of yeasty sweet roll. And coffee.

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                      Hey! That's my Easter breakfast, although I have a yeasty sweet babka rather than a roll.

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                        It's also our Easter breakfast too! Keeps it simple.