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Dec 10, 2008 07:55 PM

Cookie Press That Works

My wife was lamenting that she couldn't find a cookie press that worked. We've tried the kind with the trigger that you squeeze and the battery operated motorized ones. Only one out of every 5 or 6 cookies actually come out looking like a tree or Santa or reindeer. Has anyone had any really good luck with any certain brand or type? Any hints?

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  1. I have a Norpro-Marcato press and love it. But after years of wear and tear, the plunger isn't even and the dough doesn't push out evenly.

    To replace it, DH got me Williams Sonama press for Christmas last year and stupid me, I didn't take it out to use it until this week. And I hate it. The cookies are tiny and it has no adjustment to make the cookies larger. If I had tested it out after Christmas last year, it would have gone back to the store. Oh well. I am ordering a new Norpro this week....

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      I have a wearever cookie press from my mothers house but I dont know if all the pieces are there.How many pieces besides the metal discs should there be?

    2. Get an old Mirro cookie press with the screw handle.
      Or, if you prefer electric, look for a used Wear-Ever "super shooter".

      Both are discontinued, look on Craigslist or eBay.

      I've found you need a cookie press that can 'reverse' a bit, to separate from the dough that was squeezed onto the cookie sheet. I prefer the screw-type Mirros, although I wish I had a more complete set of discs. Not that any others I've seen have a more complete set than me, but I'm still missing a few numbers.

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        Ditto. I have two Wear Ever Super Shooters, both from the Goodwill, both working perfectly. When I realized how good (and hard to replace) the first one was, I made room for the second when it showed up.

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          I second the vote for Mirro. I bought a Wilton cookie press that got the highest rating from Cook's Illustrated and not only didn't it work very well, it broke apart in my hands and had to be thrown out.

        2. I just bought a vintage Mirro screw-type aluminum cookie press on ebay. I made some cheese straws with them and the dough was very thick, but I had no problems and they turned out great! My mother has tried numerous cookie presses with plastic components and they all broke.