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Dec 10, 2008 07:24 PM

Breakfast or other "semi-healthy" food ideas for holiday gifts

As the economy is bad, I've been coming up w/ some economical yet thoughtful gifts for my family members and friends. I do have many people I would like to do something nice for, and I have decided that for my extended family and friends, I'd like to bake them or cook them something they'd enjoy. I was thinking something along the lines of breakfast or other "non-dessert" items because frankly, by the time Christmas rolls around, everyone is getting sick of the constant candy, cookies, sugar overload because it seems like everyone and their mother does sweets. That's fine and good, but I would love to do something different...something that folks can take home and have for a nice meal or semi-healthy snack. I wonder if anyone has any ideas that would be good. Just throw your ideas at me...I need some inspiration.

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  1. * homemade granola

    * spiced nuts

    * mini bread baskets with an assortment of sweet and savory: cornbread muffins, cheddar scones, teeny whole wheat banana breads, etc.

    If you've got friends that are novice cooks, you could also give them some ingredients to make it easer: make up your own pancake mixes (you could do healthy ones like buckwheat or whole wheat), do up a few spice rubs (one for chicken, one for roast, etc.), or give jars of homemade bbq sauce or salsa.

    1. Nueske's applewood smoked bacon. Divine!

      1. Ya know what I would adore? Frozen cookie dough. How many cookies and globs of fudge can you eat especially when crammed between egg nog, fatty prime ribs and endless gingerbread apartments begging to be converted to condos by your giant munching yapper? But come March I find myself swinging from the freezer door, smacking my lips and rueing the day I did not freeze up some rugalech. To, perchance, spy a nicely wrapped roll of frozen sliceable cookies I could immediately pop into the oven. I am aflutter. I may have to select myself for secret Santa this year!

        1. homemade salsa is creative (you can add pineapple or mango) and healthy, you could even attach some creative recipes, and some of the ingrediants for a meal using the salsa - all in a basket.

          Or pick up a nice but inexpensive dip bowl, and create your own dip mix with recipe attached

          I'm doing an herb/spice mix with a new grinder, recipes attached with some of the ingrediants. I had this herb mix recently at a restaurant (they grew their own herbs) with the olive oil and bread basket - love it, bought it and have added a couple other herbs that I enjoy. I've been playing with the herb mix, Popcorn is fantastic with this herb mix infused in olive oil and a couple garlic cloves (warmed a bit before drizzling on popcorn). It's also fantastic on homemade pita chips. So I'm doing baskets with this grinder mix, the recipes, and olive oil infused with it (little bottles from a craft store) adn other ingrediants like popcorn or pita bread.

          I'm trying to go healthy too. Hope that helps, enjoy.

          1. I'm planning on making a few combination of homemade dressing in a pretty bottle, a bag of homemade croutons, and a bag of other salad toppers (dried fruit, nuts, etc depending on the type of dressing). Maybe include salad tongs... a "just add lettuce" salad kit.

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              I love it, thank you!!! I think through out this next year, I'll keep good notes on what people's favorite food is and find a little cookbk dedicated to that favorite food and the accompany ingrediants to make a great dish. I love your idea of the salad dressing and tongs.