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Dec 10, 2008 07:17 PM

Seminole Hard Rock Casino

We are going to a concert at the HArd Rock in Hollywood. I live in South Miami, so I am not familar with the area. Are any of the restaurants in the Hard Rock complex anygood? Are there any place around the Hard Rock that are any good.

I do appreciate good food, si U am hoping there is a good place you can suggest

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  1. How flexible are you as far as time and distance? Using the word "complex" is spot on with the Hard Rock and getting in and out can be a hassle in the evenings.

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      Ditto.....anyone going to a concert in Hard Rock should plan on getting there an hour early minimum and don't plan on exiting the parking deck until an hour or more afterwards.

      It's a great venue for a concert but crazy logistics getting in and out.