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Dec 10, 2008 05:54 PM

Healthy holiday food gifts?

Does anyone have any good ideas for mail-order or online food gifts that are healthy and delicious? I'm looking for something like buffalo meat or salmon, perhaps, or healthy fruits and treats, maybe some red wine. Is there a gourmet food gift you have received that you especially loved?

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  1. I was always curious of those fruit of the month clubs. I think they are usually too expensive for one to treat themselves, but they make impressive gifts. They are kind of the foodie equivalent for expensive cashmere socks or gloves. I don't know about the quality of the fruit though.

    Tea or coffee would be appreciated as well. They also don't spoil if the recipient is not available to receive the delivery immediately. I like the idea of recurring delivery, you are reminded every month. Though it might get expensive, depending on how many months you want it to recur.

    I did give a tea of the month club gift from Adagio as a gift for a friend, and she loved it. In hindsight I realized that their tea wasn't of the highest quality; but shops like Peets now do similar deliveries.

    If it were for me, I'd pick bacon of the month club. Heck, I'll marry the person that'd send me monthly bacon. Who cares it is not "healthy" :)

    1. Pleasant Valley Ranch for juicy sweet oranges from California. I've given them many times and bought some for myself!

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        What about Edible Arrangements? It's a funky twist on a fruit basket.

      2. I was just wondering the same- Im interested to know if there are any places that are recommended for salmon candy which is amazing.

        Id like to get myself some for Xmas of course.

        1. Thanks for the ideas. This isn't exactly healthy or food, but has anyone tried a wine of the month club, such as Fruit Forward?

          1. I discovered a few years ago, when I was looking for a good source for dried pears. Everything is grown on their California farm, and the quality is beyond superb - fruits are large, moist, and flavorful. They have apricots, peaches, prunes, cherries, pears, nectarines, and nuts. Also some gift assortments, chocolate-dipped, syrups, preserves, etc. I particularly like the Blenheim apricots dried with the pit still in - they impart an amaretto flavor (almonds and stone fruits are related). The first bag I got was mislabeled - what I thought was "slip-pit" was actually dried whole apricots with pits included.