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Dec 10, 2008 05:09 PM

BIrthday lunch in Bakersfield

I'm visiting the Central Valley again for the holidays, staying with a daughter in Lemoore. My other daughter is playing in the symphony orchestra in Bakersfield so we trekked down in pea soup fog today and lunched at Uricchio's.
We started with tall compari/cinzano/soda, my choice of aperitif and enjoyed pinot grigio with the meal.
Two of the girls had salads, seafood caesar and chicken walnut. Another ordered gnocchi and I went with Sea Bass caper butter, fresh spinach with garlic and roasted potatoes.
I cannot understand why anyone would order a salad here with all the tempting choices offered on this menu but they both enjoyed them.
The gnocchi were feather light and the sea bass incomparable, perfectly and simply cooked.
It was lunch hour and the place was busy but we were not rushed and enjoyed a leisurely lunch.
Our server was very pleasant, knowledgeable and competent, never interfering but on the spot when we needed anything. The water glasses were inconspicuously filled as was the bread and butter supply. Because we took our time eating OR because it was a celebratory lunch, we all decided to have coffee and dessert. One black forest cake, one vanilla bean cheesecake and two tiramisu. No complaints and no left overs.
I enjoyed the restaurant, slightly sophisticated, great timing, good service and excellent food.
I would return and would recommend it to anyone in the area or passing through.
The tab with tip was $145.

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  1. Thanks for the great report, Patricia. Good to hear that Uricchio's is still a hound worthy destination.

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    1. re: PolarBear

      Hi PB,
      Good to be back in the valley but it is really cold compared to San Diego, wow!
      I will no doubt be checking in with you and Tavmark and the other hounds for more choices in the surrounding areas. I have requested Cracked Pepper Bistro's eggplant appetizer as my one and only Christmas gift. I'll try and make it to Trelio's this trip, as well. .That and the wonderful hachiya persimmons on our neighbor's tree! There is so much food everywhere, it's difficult to be discriminating. ;-))
      You really stay on top of the posts and I enjoy all your replies

      1. re: P Macias

        Fair warning :) I'll be in SD from Christmas day through that next week.

    2. I love the gnocchi with asparagus and sun dried tomatoes. The food has always been spot on either for lunch or dinner.