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Dec 10, 2008 04:39 PM

Anyone have a recipe for Grappa?

would be much apprieciated

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  1. How to make grappa (n.b. home distilling is illegal most everywhere) or how to use grappa for cooking?

    1. You would have to have access to a vineyard, first. If you have that, pop out to the vineyard that produces grappa and talk to the wine maker. Actually a lot of small wineries who do not actually sell the stuff make it for "internal distribution". Small wineries are still friendly like that and could be a seriously good help for you.

      1. Do you have a still? The Old Gal offers some sound advice to source ' grape pomice ".It is rare to see it used in the US.Mostly recycled as compost etc.
        Check the alcohol law with care.Small,personal consumption avenues do exist.
        Do not rule out distilling fruity/no oak wine.At least half the home made "grappa" in Italy is wine distilate.Clean out the cantina every now and again,a still is the recycle choice.