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Dec 10, 2008 03:58 PM

Westbury/Hicksville/Plainview - Lunch Tomorrow.

First, I'll be completely honest - I'm being a bit lazy. I did a couple of quick searches on these towns, but didn't look carefully. I'm driving out to these towns tomorrow morning with a friend and we're spending the day running various errands, etc. I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions of a fun place to have lunch - it can be a place with great tacos, Indian food - pretty much anything - not too expensive - just a place to stop into with some great chow.

Thanks so much!

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  1. Westbury: Azerbaijan 1610 Old Country Road. The lamb dishes are my favorite, but my husband is especially fond of the grilled striped bass.
    Hicksville: Masala Wok 107 Broadway. Especially recommended are the Manchurian cauliflower and the grilled lamb chops. Oh, and the Manchow soup, and don't forget the Hakka chicken. Wow, I just finished dinner and am hungry again.
    Plainview: No restaurant recs, but don't forget Fairway on Manetto Hill Road. You may also want to try H-Y Market on the corner of Old Country Road and South Oyster Bay Road. There's a little Korean Restaurant next door that's quite good.

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    1. re: phofiend

      Thank you so much, I'm going to take this with me. What is the H-Y Market?

      1. re: MMRuth

        H-Y is a Korean supermarket...

      2. re: phofiend

        I am marginally embarassed to tell you that I had a hotdog at the Costco in Westbury at about 3:30. But, it was really quite good. The weather was so miserable and we had so many stops to make, that really chowing ended up not being on the agenda today. thanks again though.

      3. for next time,check out house of dosas on hicksville rd a little south of old country rd.just great and reasonable.all vegetarian too.our favorite indian place for sure.

        1. Next time you're in the area, try Pollos el Paisa on Old Country Rd. a block or two before Century 21. It's a Colombian chicken place, and their chickens are succulent! For about $6 or $7 you get a "shissel" of wonderfully rich chicken broth filled with gizzards and potatoes, a quarter chicken, rice, french fries, and salad. At that price, you can't go wrong!

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          1. re: Missyme

            I saw that - and the Century 21 - and was wondering how it was. Thanks for the tip.

            1. re: MMRuth

              Both the restaurant and Century 21 are great. Try them!

              1. re: MMRuth

                I went to Pollos el Paisa, and wasn't particularly impressed. There is Mama Theresa's in the shopping center right where Centruy 21 is that is great. Not as inexpensive though. If you are out in Plainview again, there are various places, including an Ahyan's Shish Kabob in the shopping center on S Oyster Bay Rd that is north of Woodbury Rd. There's also Redfish Grill, which I think is on Woodbury Rd. Just northeast of SOB Rd. Depends on what you are really looking for.

                1. re: robinsilver

                  One of the few palatable dishes at Pollos el Paisa is the spit-roasted chicken. It's quite good, but the insanely low price makes it taste even better. Haven't had anything else worth gnawing on here though...