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Dec 10, 2008 03:28 PM

Restaurant in Westfield, NJ

Hello all, I've been off these boards for some time. Am looking for a moderately price restaurant, nice atmosphere, any cuisine but Chinese or Japanese, for 2 old pals to meet up for dinner before a concert in Westfield this Saturday night.

Any suggestions would be gratefully accepted!!

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  1. One of my favorites is Raganni (Indian) on route 22 in Mountainside. Food is always excellent service attentive and atmosphere intimate. They have had some ownership changes and since the last change the food quality has gone back up to top standard. I have lived in the area for 10 years and alawys go back every month for Brunch.

    1. If you want fine dining new American I highly recommend Luke's kitchen in Maplewood. It's not 2 minutes from the new Whole Foods or the Super Homedepot on Vuxhall

      1. I don't know if this meets your requirement for moderate prices but the Mojave Grill on Elm Street garners consistently positive comments from hounds.

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          For Mexican I would have to say Toro Loco in South Orange is a better place for me. Although the food was okay at the Mojave Grill I thought it was over price and the place hd no energy it ws a bit of a snooze. Toro Loco is good food, good prices and lots of fun.

        2. I'm from neighboring Scotch Plains and eat in Westfield all the time. For Italian, either Theresa's (kind of Italian fusion...very good!) or Ferraro's (most popular and biggest restaurant in town). There's also the Brick Oven, which is my personal favorite in town for Italian. For Mexican there's either Tinga or Qdoba (inexpensive chain but very good and fresh). Chez Catherine is probably overall the best restaurant in town if you like French, but it's a bit expensive. As mentioned above, Raagini in Mountainside (about a 5 minute drive) is the place for Indian no doubt, and Mojave Grille is great for Southwestern. Overall, Westfield is a "restaurant town", so if a place survives there, you can't go wrong.