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Dec 10, 2008 03:17 PM

"coffee" urn to use for non-coffee items

I would like to get a large electric urn for parties--to keep things like spiced cider etc. warm. I was reading through the reviews on and one person mentioned that the one they purchased (a basic West Bend model) had burned the hot chocolate they put in it and almost caused a fire. The reviewer said that when contacted, the company said, "Oh yeah, you shouldn't put anything other than coffee or hot water in it; it will damage the element." But the reviewer said that there was no such warning in any of the literature about that. So basically now I don't trust any of the product descriptions and was wondering if someone has had a good experience with using another brand/model of such an urn with something other than coffee or hot water--specifically something with sugar. I am imagining that the element being inside the pot itself is the problem? Rather, something with a setup like a crockpot would work better? Is there such a model?

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  1. Crock Pot is supposed to work for this.

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      Yeah, I just kind of want the spout. I always have this big sticky mess with the ladle splashing and dribbling. Is there a crock pot with a spout? Now that would be something--having dealt with a huge pot of turkey stock last night, I would have loved a spout to pour out the juice.

      Seafood pot. Brainstorm. Seafood pot + stove.

    2. We used a large West Bend model at tail gaters for hot cider, works great, nothing burned down, everyone survived, nothing burned inside on the pot.

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        This is good to know. And really, when I think about it, my parents always used a stripped-down 1970s thing for this purpose and there were no problems. I'm just a little skeptical given the amazon review.

      2. I'd just go buy one at walmart and then if it doesn't work how you wanted, return it. They will literally take back anything.