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Dec 10, 2008 02:57 PM

"Green" nonstick pans?

I am seeing a lot of so-called "green" pans out there in various stores lately: Martha Stewart's EcoCook Fry Pan, Target's Green pans,'s GreenPan, etc., etc.

I am also reading lots of good reviews (and bad) for all of these types of pans. Any particular winners in out there that are worthwhile? I checked out the Martha Stewart's samples at Macy's today, and the surface does seem pretty durable under my very-unscientific "fingernail test." I guess I'm mainly looking for a really tough nonstick surface; not sure what the most durable product really is.

Comments, warnings, and/or recommendations are very welcome.

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  1. Why not grab a nice cast iron or carbon steel pan?

    1. The jury seems to be out on the safety and durability of TThermolon. For eggs and the like, I use Teflon, otherwise crbon steel or aluminum. No problem with sticking, with seasoning.

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            "So what makes them "green"?"


          2. I'm not sure how durable it is, but the cuisinart green gourmet looks interesting. It's a ceramic surface which should not have the gas/teflon coating issue that other non-sticks have, dead birds and all. It is suppose to be broiler safe, which most nonstick can't do I believe.

            Note that there is cuisinart has another ceramic nonstick which is green-something but you can tell right off that the construction is of a lower quality.

            I have yet to see any solid reviews on this, besides on amazon which appears to be glowing.