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Dec 10, 2008 02:31 PM

New Years eve Menu

I need a suggestion for a New Years Eve dinner menu. I won't be able to start shopping or cooking until the morning of December 31st, so easy, available and elegant is what is needed. The dinner will be for 6 to 10 people. Not sure just yet how many will attend. Any suugestions?

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  1. What sort of dinner did you have in mind? Were you planning on a family-style table setting, courses, a lax setting where hors d'eouvres and finger foods are the way to go?

    Assuming a sit down deal, a good roast would be a nice entree, plus it's easy enough to prep ahead of time and all you have to do is let it cook in the oven. Roasted vegetables follow the same route.

    Bread/fruit/cheese platters can be done whenever you have the time, make a great appetizer (shoot, I'd take it as a meal on its own), and are quite delicious.

    I'd love to be more specific, but I'd need a bit more info about what exactly you have in mind.

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      Thanks for the great suggestions. I have decided to go retro and sserve a beef fondue. Little prep, other than cutting up some meat and making sauces, and the guests cook their own dinner.

    2. I do a dinner for friends on New Year's and the menu is always

      a salad to begin - this year it will be apples, endive, blue cheese, dried cranberries and walnuts
      roast beef - either a prime rib or a whole filet of beef
      mashed potatoes
      green beans with almonds
      other sides - roast beets, broiled fruit, etc.
      a lemon or chocolate dessert

      I know this is simple to the point of boring, but it has the advantage of being easy to do, suits all the guests, and has become Our Sacred Tradition.

      This year, I won't be able to do anything until just before the dinner because we are travelling (new grandson, opposite coast) during the holidays. But I would not miss this dinner with these friends, and the meal kind of falls into place because of its familiarity.

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      1. re: sheiladeedee

        I love your menu. I would love to be there. I will go with fondue this year as it is very time friendly.

      2. English Roast baby.

        Roast beef
        Yorkshire pudding
        Pomme mousseline(make the meal a lil fancier than with mash)
        roasted root vegetables(maybe carrots, parsnips and leaks)
        Sauteed spinach
        Nice gravy.

        Bread and butter pudding or an English trifle

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        1. re: Evilbanana11

          Great menu. I will try it but on another ocassion. This year will be fondue

        2. OK this is not a menu, but I like braised lamb shanks. Lots of tomato, wine, herbs and root veggies served over polenta cooked in the oven (scary easy) and you can enjoy yourself at your own party all the while. It is forgiving timing wise. Roast some garlic, big crusty, buttery loaves. An interesting tossed salad or a simple caesar...maybe berries in champagne sabayon to top it off. You can make it elegant by really doing up your table. People will adore your food and your party because you will be enjoying it too.

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