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Dec 10, 2008 02:18 PM

Phx Baccala

Anyone know where I can by Baccala/Salt Cod preferably on the West side? Thanks

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  1. Not on the West side, but I've bought salt cod (in the wooden box) at Whole Foods in Scottsdale, and the Phoenix Ranch Market downtown. Maybe the Ranch Market in Glendale has it? I've also checked at the AJ's in Glendale, and they don't carry it.

    1. Sorry, East Side also. We usually get ours at:
      Andreoli's Italian Grocer
      8880 E. Via Linda
      Scottsdale, Az.

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      1. re: StuCazzo

        Just thought of 2 other places that might be closer to you. I have bought it there also in the past:

        Romanelli's Italian Deli
        3437 W. Dunlap Phx, AZ 85051

        Belfiore Italian Deli
        15842 N Cave Creek Rd # 2
        Phoenix, AZ 85032
        (602) 493-1793‎

        1. re: StuCazzo

          I was just at Belfiore and saw they do have it available right now!

      2. After a lot of searching I did find baccala on the West side. There's a small store called Al's meats at about 111th and Union Hills. They have 40lbs coming in early next week at $11.99 per pound. This is also bar far the cheapest I found.

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        1. re: arizonagirl

          Be careful - you might get what you pay for :)

        2. I don't know that it will be any easier to find under these names, but in the Northeast where I usually see it on Portuguese menus it is spelled Bacalao or Bacalhau.