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Dec 10, 2008 01:46 PM

Ranch 99 Foster City; Durian, Live Lobster/Crab

Previously frozen durian, the first time Ive seen it available in whole form (maybe I dont get out enough?) for a buck a pound.

Live Dungeness $3.99 a pound. Frankly, with my location, I would rather drive an extra 10 miles, spend the extra dollar, and pick some up off the dock from a crazy fisherman in Half Moon Bay. It looked just ok.

Live Lobster $7.99 a pound. Solid price, good looking crustaceans.

Nothing else grabbed my eye, aside from the always impressive fresh fish set, odds and ends meat, and all the other usual suspects at solid asian markets.

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  1. Pillar Point Harbor fish hotline was reporting plenty of crab off the boats as of Sunday. Which is a surprise, given how bad the early season was. I was under the impression most of the fleet, particularly the big operators, had moved north of Pt. Arena and into Oregon by now. I'll give the harbor one more try one of these weekends. But $3.99 at R99 is a fine, fine price. Also, they'll steam them and rip the topshell for you on the spot, if they're not too hammered.

    Sushi Monster

    1. Is there any confirmation that they have local crabs?

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        I've never seen the live tank at Foster City labeled as to origin. I doubt they're local in a wipeout year such as this one.