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Dec 10, 2008 01:33 PM

Spain with a baby

Hi, already planning what to eat for our trip to Spain in late February and early March, rough itinerary so far is Barcelona, Seville, Granada, Madrid...and trying to decide Cordoba, Toledo, etc. Only have ten days really so it will be a whirlwind.

But this will be our first trip with our brand-new baby, and she will be six months old. Ordinarily we'd be perfectly happy to consume meals in loud, hip restaurants, stretching well past midnight and with multiple bottles of wine. Not sure if that will be an option now (sigh).

But that being said, any tips? We still want to eat very, very well.

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  1. 6 months old, usually still willing to sleep in public places, right?
    There are several problems with spanish bars. First, they can be very smoky. Second, they are often stand-up only, and often very crowded. So it's hard to put the car seat somewhere out of the way. So tapas could be tough.
    Restaurants, on the other hand, should be no problem. Of course they eat late there but if your baby is sleeping and doesn't bother anyone they won't bother you.
    We've been to all the cities you mention except Cordoba. All of them are doable with a baby, in particular Granada is a little slower pace and kind of nice for that reason.

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      You may have already been told of the rampant purse-snatching, pickpocketing in Barcelona. We could tell you many horror stories. None about babies being hurt. Please be alert!

    2. We go to Spain pretty much every summer (mother-in-law is from Bilbao). We've got a 4 year old and an 18 month old. I think we've only been to the Basque Country since the kids were born. But I have to say that we love going there because of the fact that Spain is so baby friendly.

      Nothing special--no kids menus, etc. But babies/children are welcome pretty much everywhere. Unlike the US, it's expected that you'll go to most places as a family. And, being in bars with children at night is perfectly acceptable.

      There is a lot of smoking at the restaurants and bars in Spain. But, the doors/widows are almost always open and they're usually well ventilated (nowhere near as bad as the pubs in Ireland before the smoking ban).

      1. How are you planning on getting around?

        10 days isn't a lot of time and Spain is a huge country. You could easily spend the
        entire time in either Madrid or Barcelona. Two or three nights at least in Sevilla and
        Granada if you hope to get even the beginning of a feel for them.

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          Not a lot of time, it's true...was probably going to fly from Barcelona to Seville, then trains working our way back. But maybe flights if time gets tight.

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            If you have to chose between Toledo or Cordoba I would pick Toledo. But avoid the restaurant on the central square (because it was probably the only bad food I have ever had in Spain). However, we had a harder time finding decent looking places to eat in Cordoba (BTW, the best looking things there all seemed to be Morrocan, not that I got to try it so I can't see if they are really any good).

            Toledo is touristy too, but I thought the food was overall better there (and it was easier to find something that was not a total tourist trap).