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Dec 10, 2008 01:17 PM

Need suggestions for appetizers for 30+ people

My sister's mother-in-law is hosting a graduation party and supplying the main courses but has asked us to bring nibbles for people to munch on while everyone mingles. I would like recipies that are more like cocktail snacks. It will be very informal.

The main part of the meal will consist of turkey, baked ham, and what has been described to me as "some kind of carved meat". The sides will be assorted vegetables and mashed potatoes. The party is in a smallish city so the ingredients need to be pretty basic. The guests are mainly Mexican so anything spicy will be ok.


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  1. chow had a recipe for smoked duck pizza a while back that is faaaaab. Prefab pizza dough + hoisin sauce + red onions + smoked duck strips, YUM.

    1. I like these. I use some claw meat because it's cheaper and you are masking the crab flavor a little bit with the curry:

      You could try stuffed mushrooms. They're easy and can be filled with a bunch of different things. I fill them with creamed spinach or blue cheese and sausage (like breakfast sausage, cook the sausage first) but you can try whatever you like. Stuff them and bake them--~350 for 15 minutes?

      Another easy one is pimiento cheese toasts. Make pimiento cheese (1lb shredded cheddar cheese, 1c. mayo, jar of chopped pimientos with juice, couple dashes worcestershire sauce and black pepper). Make light toast with thinly sliced dense bread (I use the Pepperidge Farm "very thin" bread, though I know that isn't available all over the country as I just shipped some to myself over Thanksgiving...). Spread the cheese on the toast and heat in a hot oven (~400) for about 8-10 minutes.

      1. Something I find quite easy and versatile as appetizers is filo pastry baskets. You can stuff them with ome roasted veg and feta cheese or shrimp and chilli sauce or a more mediterranean sundried tomatoes, basil and mozzarella. Also, little skewers with marinaded shrimp or vegetables and some spicy rice croquettes which are so easy to make: just mix cooked rice, chillies, onion, garlic, egg, breadcrumbs and parmesan (or other cheese), form into balls and fry. Good luck!

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          Check out the 'dirty' food thread, it's fun reading and has some delish sounding appetizers.

          And of course, I highly and always recommend pigs in a blanket.

        2. If a lot of people are Mexican-American, don't give them Euro-American appetizers!

          Jicam con Limon - a classic Mexican street snack. Peel a large jicama and cut it into either cubes or fingers. Marinate in lime juice for at least an hour. Dust half of the serving platter full with chile powder. Chill before serving.

          Frijole Pinwheels
          Saute together black beans, diced red bell peppers and onion, and chipotles in adobo (to taste). Mash into a thick paste and spread on tortillas. Roll up, stick with toothpicks at 1" intervals, and slice into pinwheels.

          Gorditas - 1/4" thick 2" diameter home made tortillas friddle cooked, then split and stuffed with a chorizo, onion, ancho, diced potato "hash".

          1. I just did a really nice bruschetta recently that was called a Steakhouse Bruschetta - the base was a mix of blue cheese and mayo, dry mustard and dash of white vinegar. Then top that with a mix of chopped tomato (no seeds), basil and diced steak (sirloin).

            I always love a marinated shrimp wrapped in proschutto (marinate shrimp in olive oil, rosemary and garlic)

            Those phylo cups that Paula mentions above are great too - their website gives some great ideas to fill them - I'm going to be doing a crab citrus salsa mix for a party this weekend (if I don't change my mind again):

            Have a blast.