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Dec 10, 2008 01:15 PM

Best food at Costco

I am addicted to the Comte cheese they sell at Costco. It is creamy and a little crunchy and delicious. I also love the Sabra hummus. Are there other Costco foods that folks have found that are particularly delectable?

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  1. There is a Kerry Irish cheese (unsure of name), the rosemary bread, and the roast chickens. Also frozen salmon just the right portion size and frozen spanakopita for appetizers are some of our favorites.

    1. I like the chicken pot pie a lot, the one you bake yourself.

      1. the roast chicken, the kirkland coffee, the fuji apples, pocket pretzels, the australian rack of lamb (which i cut into lamb chops), the salmon filet and many more.

        1. Finally got around to trying the chicken alfredo in the refrigerated section, the kind you bake, and it was very good. The leftovers the next day tasted just like something I would make myself from scratch. Which for all you smart alecks out there is actually a good thing. He he! :)