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Bengal Tiger, White Plains

Went to Bengal Tiger last night for dinner. I know new restaurants keep popping up, but I’m always amazed at just how well the Tiger does Indian food. Their menu is pages and pages and I have yet to try a bad thing. Last night, we started with papri chat, served cold. Potatoes, chick peas, yogurt, some sort of crunchies (toasted naan?), chutney and some sort of… barbecue sauce? I went with two people who don’t eat a lot of Indian and they loved it – great dish for newbies because it’s milder and more tangy than other dishes. We also got some naan which was warm and soft and perfect for soaking up the leftover chaat sauce.
My entrée was paneer saag. Very very good. I would’ve liked the cheese curds to be a little softer in the spinach, but that’s just a personal preference. The flavor was spot on. My dad got the tandoori shrimp which is the reason I’m writing. I think the entrée was close to $30, which to me, better be pretty special. It came out, and even though the shrimp were the largest I’ve seen In my life, I still wondered if the serving size would be enough. It was, and it was the best shrimp ever. Huge, succulent, such a nice grilled flavor from the tandoori oven, not in the least bit dry or overcooked. I’m not even a shrimp person, and I couldn’t stop eating. It’s 4:30 today, and I’m wondering when I can go back and eat that shrimp again.
Also got some chicken tikka masala. Wonderful, but I will say that Jaipore in Brewster still does that dish better.
Galub jamon for dessert. Very very, yummy. My guests loved this too, and were shocked when they realized it was cheese. Service, while incredibly friendly, could’ve been more attentive with filling up the water (so important with Indian food because it’s so spicy!)
I wish the Tiger was a little less expensive. I couldn’t tell you what the bill was because my dad picked it up, but I do know that even the app was around $15.00. I’m sure the bill was very high. With that said, it’s a lot easier to shell out more money when you know the food is that delicious.

Oh, and Ambadi across the street is great for takeout. Love their keema samosas and khati rolls.

I really want Indian food right now.

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  1. Great report back! I've been going there for 24 years... love it!

    1. Among the things that we appreciate is that their menu is not static. They add new items every so often, so you get a chance to try something else (eliminates boredom.) They've also explained that, to keep the menu from being unwieldy in length, they'll drop some of the older items but will be happy to make them for you if you ask.

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        What an awesome place. As long as they are not swamped, always accomodating to special requests, but their menu is so diverse it's almost hard to ask. Be going for decades and NEVER had a bad meal. Yum Yum

      2. Funny, we got takeout from Bengal last night and I just was eating some leftovers as I'm reading this. We have been going here for the longest time and it never gets tired. The food is more consistantly good than any other restaurant in the area. Simpson the owner is a true Westchester gem. He is gracious and runs an class A+ establishment.
        For a less expensive option, visit during the day for the lunch buffet. I think it's up to $14. which includes several appetizer options, a whole array of vegetarian dishes, 3-4 meat options, and two desserts.
        Always fresh and yummy, the only buffett style meal I will ever eat.

        1. There are several other quality Indian restaurants in Westchester with wonderful service and more reasonable pricing. Two that come to mind are Rani Mahal in Mamaroneck and Tandoori in Port Chester. IMO No need to got to the overpriced Bengal Tiger when comparable, nay better food , is readily available at both of those.

          1. I went to Bengal Tiger as my first Indian restaurant and for years was convinced I hated Indian food. I generally don't have a problem with Indian food. I just hate the Bengal Tiger.

            If I want Indian, it's Rani Mahal all the way. It's a plus that the staff is wonderful there.

            1. We used to to take out from Bengal Tiger until we fell in love with Rani Mahal. We never went back to Bengal Tiger.

              We have had dinner once at Tandoori in Port Chester and it was good too but too far for take out, which is what we usually do. We would go back, though, if in the area for a movie.

              We also recently had a very good dinner at Bollywood Bistro in Pleasantville. Not so convenient to us, but should we find ourselves at the Burns Film Center again, we would definitely return.

              1. Out of curiosity, is the Dawat still around the corner? How is it?

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                  No, closed a while since Kisco Kosher is now in that spot

                2. Had a terrible meal there. Was excited to try - had heard alot about it. Had a dosa appetizer.
                  It was a crepe about a foot long - supposedly wrapped around cashews, spices and vegetables. Was just filled with potatoes! Then tried a chicken with dried fruit and almond dish. Had maybe two or three pieces of fruit - and was so sweet it was almost medicinal.
                  My husband, however, had a goat dish that he enjoyed. But it was very, very small.
                  Have heard that Ambadi across the street is a better find and better value.

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                    Try Rani Mahal in Mamaroneck Leslie. Excellent food, fair pricing and decent portions along with attentive and gracious service.

                    Ambadi is, I believe owned by relatives of the Bengal Tiger owners or are the same people. It's more of a take-out, faster food and not a "sit-down" restaurant. Tried it once many, many months ago - it was decent and a good value but not memorable enough that I've been back.

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                      Ambadi's owner is the son of Bengal Tiger's owner.

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                        Thanks Deven. I knew it was something...

                  2. I am a broken record re: Bengal Tiger...simply the best Indian in Westchester. Thanks for the review HFM. Will try the Shrimp next time.