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Dec 10, 2008 12:10 PM

Nice restaurant in Yonkers

Looking for a restaurant in Yonkers, moderately priced, not X2o for about 8 people to celebrate a birthday this Friday. Ehnic is fine, but not chinese.

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  1. It's not Yonkers, but it's nearby -- Yvonne's Southern Cuisine in Pelham (about 10 minutes from Yonkers by car). The food is traditional southern cuisine -- short ribs, fried chicken, spare ribs, and all the right side dishes (collard greens, mac and cheese, etc.). The atmosphere is charming and warm, with attentive, friendly staff. On Friday nights there is terrific live jazz music that's enjoyable but not intrusive, with a cover charge that is 10% of the bill. Given their reasonable prices, that meant that the cover for 4 of us on a recent Friday was a whopping $10. The food is well-prepared and delicious, and portions are generous but not overwhelming. The short ribs are a particular favorite of mine--they have a nice spicy kick to them.

    Yvonne's Southern Cuisine
    503 Fifth Ave, Pelham, NY 10803

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    1. re: alaskin

      Wonderful place, Yvonne's.

      How about Zuppa? Never been, but there are those here who like it.

      1. re: dolores

        If you go to Zuppa I guarantee you'll be able to add it to your "I can count the great restaurants on one hand in westchester list "

          1. re: southlake

            Cool, southlake, thanks. I still have it on my 'must try' list, and have to make a better effort to get there.

            1. re: southlake

              i do not like zuppa, wont go back

              1. re: intrepid

                I really can't understand all the raves about zuppa. The food is ok, not great, not bad; but for it's price point everyone should expect and demand far better. It's a couple of bucks more for X2O and it's just impossible to justify the quality differential.

                1. re: gordoma

                  We had been to Zuppa several times and enjoyed - not loved - it. However, about 2 years ago our party of four was treated poorly by the staff (waiter, captain) and we have not returned since.

                  1. re: Striver

                    we went once, it was horrible food, never returned

          2. re: alaskin

            I get a craving for their pig's trotters every now and then. They do a really good job with this down-home favorite. I like to add some hot sauce to them. I live nearby and can get them to take home. Thursday evening is the buffet (I'm almost positive) and it's a good value.

          3. I second the motion from Dolores. The chef cooked at the James Beard Foundation and is slated for Iron Chef. The owner (Rob) is a gem. Just do a google on "Dave Dibari" and Zuppa and you'll see nothing but rave reviews. Make friends with Rob and he'll probably send you some after-dinner drinks too. With this economy, he'll love the new business. Have not been there in over two years but know you won't be disappointed.

            Funny thing about this post is that with so many places are going under, it's almost tempting to wait until Friday afternoon to reply with a recommendation.

            If your event isn't too upscale, try Carlo's on Tuckahoe Road.

            I also have one more recommendation that you'd love. A restaurant located next to a place I wanted to work with on Midland Avenue. LaGrotta. Just beer and wine though. The owner and the owner of the place up the street (not open) are buddies and when we were there we had the best meal of our life. The LaGrotta owner (Frank) is also the chef and rarely leaves the stoves. Demand to say hello when you get there. When he knows he has new guests he goes the "extra mile". Only beer and wine though. Italian.

            As a side note, always remember that when you go to places where the owner is also the chef, or the chef is well known (as the case with Zuppa), make sure you hit their radar screen. Sometimes a simple “we went out of our way to come here because we heard of your reputation” is all it takes. But don’t try it at Applebees or Zanaro’s. :)

            1. In nearby Tuckahoe - "American Bistro" always a great meal!

              1. Actually we are going to go to Zuppa. We've been there before, and really liked it., So we made the decision. Thanks

                1. Valentinos is on the service road of the Bronx River Parkway.It is the model for classic Italian food.The Shrimp Fra Diovolo is to die for.Go and you will not be disappointed.

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                  1. re: sagetom

                    I went to Valentino's once and had a very enjoyable meal. Very much a red-sauce Italian, but good for its type. Lots of birthdays being celebrated the night we went (and thus many Happy Birthdays being sung), and I understand that is a regular feature of the restaurant. I've wanted to go back there again, but somehow never get there.

                    1. re: roxlet

                      I liked Valentino's too. I also liked Totonno's and Gianni's, but they seem to be hated here. Not that that bothers me.

                      As always, lots of 'okay' to 'good' places, but a serious wasteland of 'great' places in Westchester, no matter the cuisine.