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Please post your favorite Toronto Gems..

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Hi everyone. I'm going to TO over the holidays and wonder what everybody here considers to be their absolute favorite thing to eat or drink in TO, whether its a bottle of honey, a cappucino, entree, or that orgasmic piece of candy. Its these small things that give me great pleasures when I'm on vacation in a new city. Thanks if you can offer your favorite(s) with me.



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  1. Where are you visiting from and where in Toronto are you staying? St. Lawrence Market is worth walking around in. Lots of little gems there. There are a ton of posts on the board detailing the best places in there to check out. Kensington Market is good for a stroll too, weather permitting since it's outdoors.

    For a drink the Queen and Ossington area has some cool little spots I like. Not sure if it's your thing but Sweaty Betty's has a good jukebox, as does Communist's Daughter. They're smaller places and not very fancy but fun, interesting places. Reposado is in that neighbourhood too and they have a good selection of tequilas. As well there is the Dakota Tavern for an old school country vibe with live music. Restaurant wise Delux, Foxley and Pizzaria Libretto are on the strip and each worth visiting.

    1. A shot of Mayan hot chocolate from Soma. Also from Soma, the balsamic vinegar truffles and the pop rocks truffles (yes, they pop in your mouth). A good chaser for these is a sample of the coffee porter from Mill St. Brewery across the way. Both places are in the Distillery District.

      1. I love the olives at Scheffler's in the St Lawrence Market. They have a million different kinds but my favourite are the unfancy green ones stuffed with pimento.

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          Another favourite for me at the St. Lawrence Market is honey tasting and mustard tasting from the honey and mustard vendors (two separate vendors). Yummy.

            1. The sandwich mecca is centered around College St. & Clinton. Take your pick from an italian veal sandwich at California's, a fish sandwich at the fish store, a smoked meat at Caplansky's or a calzone from Bitondo's (sandwich-esque).

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                Wow, thanks guys/gals. Me and the GF are in our late 30's and like to do regular to semi-upscale things(but are not snobby! :) We love experiencing new and different foods. So far, everything on this thread sounds great. I really appreciate it!!


              2. hey Kurt - if you and your girlfriend happen to travel to the mid-town area of Toronto (Yonge/Eglinton neighbourhood), we have an amazing, authentic Portuguese churrascuria right at Eglinton Ave. East and Mount Pleasant Rd (Churrasco Villa - churrascovilla.com - 254 Eglinton Avenue East). Every time I have guests visiting from out of town, I take them for the best chicken and piri piri sauce of their life. It's not fancy but it's always good and the smell of the open grill wafts all the way down the block and practically draws you inside.

                Since most people recommend St. Lawrence Market, I'll add my two cents as well: get a small tin of REAL Canadian maple syrup (the dark amber stuff is like liquid candy). The vendor sells it outside the north building on Saturdays (and Sundays if I'm not mistaken). Also - homemade butter tarts from the north building of the St. Lawrence Market on Saturdays (go before 4 pm or the bakers may sell out).

                Lastly, visit our City Hall (aka Nathan Phillips Square) at Queen St. West and Bay St. - rent some ice skates and go for a round or two around the outdoor rink. When you're done, go to the chip trucks that sit by the hot dog vendors along Queen Street (you can't miss 'em) and get some of the best poutine in Toronto.